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Kraft Dinner Canada Churns Up Six New Mac & Cheese Flavors

Jun 25, 2021

After breaking the internet with the release of its Pumpkin Spice and pink Cotton Candy Mac & Cheese, Kraft Dinner brings six new “Flavour Boosts” to the table.

Canada’s unofficial national comfort food now comes with individual sachets of flavors such as the classic Canadian staple, Poutine. Other flavors joining the series are the spicy hot Ghost Pepper and milder variations, Buffalo Wing and Jalapeno. For those in need of a non-mouth-scorcher, the brand offers a savory Butter Chicken and brings back the highly demanded Cotton Candy that comes in a hot pink hue.

The limited-edition KD Flavor Boosts are now available at Canada’s local grocery stores and Kraft Dinner’s official website.

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