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Here’s what you need to know about the BBC’s newest crime drama, Showtrial.

Let’s face facts: this season of BBC One’s Line Of Duty is almost over, and many of us are already feeling bereft at the thought of it disappearing from our TV schedules once again.

Thankfully, though, there’s good news in store for fans of the Jed Mercurio show, as the BBC has announced that it’s once again joined forces with Line Of Duty producers for another totally twisted drama.

Here’s what you need to know about Showtrial.

What’s the plot of Showtrial?

The BBC’s official synopsis for the show promises: “When Talitha Campbell, the estranged daughter of a wealthy property developer, is charged with conspiring to murder fellow university student Hannah Ellis, the trial that follows places victim and accused – and their families – in the eye of a media storm.” 

The synopsis continues: “Into that storm enters Cleo Roberts, the duty solicitor on the night of Talitha’s arrest. Refusing her father’s help, Talitha wants Cleo to lead her defence against a prosecution weaponising Talitha’s gender as well as her social privilege against her.

“From arrest to verdict, Cleo and defence vie with the prosecution to convince us of the truth about Talitha: Damaged scapegoat? Or cold-blooded killer?”

Who stars in Showtrial?

Showtrial boasts a bevy of talented TV stars, including The Originals’ Tracy Ifeachor, True Detective’s James Frain, and Doctor Who’s Sharon D Clarke.

Celine Buckens is just one of the stars attached to Showtrial.

Sinéad Keenan (Three Families), Celine Buckens (Bridgerton), Kerr Logan (Game Of Thrones) and Lolita Chakrabarti (Vigil) complete the show’s star-studded cast.

What are people saying about Showtrial?

Ben Richards, the show’s creator and writer, says: “I am delighted with the cast that has been assembled for Showtrial. It is a brilliant ensemble of talented actors that feels modern, energetic, and perfectly suited for the complex characters and storylines.”

Elsewhere, diretor Zara Hayes has lavished praise on Showtrial’s story, insisting:“These scripts are thoroughly gripping and yet say something truly resonant about the justice system. I couldn’t be more honoured to bring them to life along with such a wonderful cast and the dream team in British TV drama…”

And Mona Qureshi, executive producer for the BBC, has gotten us very excited with this bold promise about the upcoming show: “Showtrial is utterly absorbing, twisty, thought-provoking British drama at its finest and we’re delighted to have found the perfect cast to captivate the audience with this story.”

When will Showtrial be available to watch in the UK?

Produced by World Productions, who brought us such TV gems as Line Of Duty, Bodyguard, and The Pembrokeshire Murders, you’d be forgiven for chomping at the bit for a definitive release date. Annoyingly, though, the BBC has yet to confirm when the series will air.

Our prediction? You won’t be watching this Bristol-based drama until late 2021 or early 2022, at the very latest. 

We’ll be sure to update you just as soon as we learn more.

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