Here’s what you need to know about Netflix’s new Scandi thriller series, Snabba Cash.

Back in the heady pre-Covid days of 2010, Swedish director Daniel Espinosa found Hollywood success with his gritty international crime thriller, Snabba Cash (also known as Easy Money).

The film spawned a trilogy, and now Netflix has taken things one step further, bringing us a slick new TV series set in the same world.

The twist? It takes place 10 years after the events depicted in the movies. 

Netflix’s Snabba Cash is set 10 years after the events depicted in the film trilogy.

Here’s what you need to know about Snabba Cash.

What’s the plot of Snabba Cash?

The official synopsis reads: “Dreams come at a cost. When the entrepreneurial start up scene and the criminal worlds of Stockholm collide, loyalty, friendships and business partners will all be tested in the neverending quest for easy money.”

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If you’d like a little more detail about the Stockholm-set series, though, it’s worth knowing that theseries follows Leya, a young single mum trying to make it within the startup scene.

Thrust into a “a buzzing environment where the craving for status and money is stronger than ever” and one in which “the entrepreneurial jet set has become even more brutal, chaotic and ruthless,” though, she soon finds herself dragged into a nefarious criminal underworld.

Is there a trailer for Snabba Cash?

You can watch the trailer for Netflix’s Snabba Cash below:

Who stars in Snabba Cash?

Evin Ahmad takes the lead in the thriller series as Leya, although the actor has admitted that she was surprised that she was cast in the role.

“When I heard Netflix was making the Snabba Cash series, I did not envision a woman as the lead character,” she says.

“That is why it is even more exciting to be part of this project and to be able to shape this relevant story.”

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Alexander Abdallah, Ali Alarik, Olle Sarri, Dada Fungula Bozela, and Jozef Wojciechowicz also star in the series.

Who is making Snabba Cash?

Jesper Ganslandt (Beast Of Burden) has directed four episodes in the six-part series, with Måns Månsson directing the remaining two.

Bestselling author Jens Lapidus – who wrote the books that the original movie trilogy was based upon – has co-written Netflix’s Snabba Cash with screenwriter Oskar Soderlund.

What are people saying about Snabba Cash?

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Lapidus has promised: “The stories are still epic but also depict our time in an unfiltered light.”

Elsewhere, Tesha Crawford, director international originals Northern Europe for Netflix, has said: “We are happy to bring these much-loved movies back to life in a fresh and exciting way.”

When is Snabba Cash coming to Netflix?

The series will begin on the streaming giant on 7 April.

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