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Man left daunted by ‘sinister’ level of detail used for Airbnb bathroom rules

Jul 18, 2019

When you stay in someone else's house, you can expect there to be certain guidelines.

These could be anything from the standard "shoes off at the door" to slightly more niche regulations involving curfews and number of bathroom visits .

What we can deduce from this is, people are prone to being eccentric, and this is perfectly reflected in how they run their homes.

Ian Hickton discovered this when he was staying at an Airbnb property on 14 July.

After making a trip to the bathroom he noticed a list of incredibly particular bathroom rules and was so bemused by them that he shared an image on Twitter .

In fact, the rules almost seem designed to keep you trapped in the bathroom cleaning it…forever.

It all starts off benignly enough, with a request asking: "Please try your best to use the washbasin without splashing the mirror."

Fair enough.

Then things get a little more…detailed.

"May I suggest as a sign of courtesy to the person using the bathroom after yourself, that before leaving the bathroom you wipe dry the chrome water tap and the washbasin using the towel provided."


The list goes on: "Before taking a shower, please lay the provided floor mat on the floor.

"When finished please put it back on the radiator to dry. If you are likely to splash the floor when using the washbasin, please do the same when using it.

"After taking a shower please use the squeegee provided to remove any water clinging onto the glasses, onto the tiles and onto the window in the first floor bathroom. 

"When finished with the squeegee please use the towel that you will find in the bathroom to finish the job of drying the inside of the shower."

Then comes the bit about the toilet brush.



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