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Meet the $8,000 USD G-SHOCK Inspired by Samurai Commander Armor

Jun 29, 2021

G-SHOCK is marking 25 years of its premium MR-G line this year with an $8,000 USD watch inspired by the armor worn by samurai commanders.

To create the MRG-B2000BS-3A, G-SHOCK first commissioned a one-off MR-G-inspired Hana-Basara suit of armor from specialist Suzukine Yuzan, which the watch was then based on.

G-SHOCK used ultra-hard Cobarion alloy for the faceted bezel, a metal so hard that they called in award-winning gem cutting and carving artisan, Komatsu Kazuhito.

The Cobarion used for the bezel is a cobalt-chrome alloy around four times as hard as titanium, while the DAT55G case and bracelet is a titanium alloy three times as hard as the pure element.

Kazuhito, who is best known for carving pearls using traditional diamond-cutting techniques, used a facet-cutting technique taken from gem-cutting and achieved mirror-surface cuts in the metal, the bezel was then treated to a dark green DLC coating.

The DAT55G case’s distinctive brown shade is achieved using AIP or arc ion plating, while an engraved plate marks the 25th anniversary of the MR-G collection.

Despite the watch’s $8,000 USD price tag, the Hana-Basara is not the most expensive G-SHOCK ever produced. Not by a long shot. In 2019 the brand released 35 pieces of an 18k gold D5000 model, priced at $70,000.

Limited to 400 pieces worldwide, the Hana-Basara MRG-B2000BS-3A drops next month via G-SHOCK, priced $8,000 USD.

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