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Michael Lau Brings His Gardener Collection to Life as Playable NFTs in 'Blankos Block Party'

Dec 19, 2021

Designed by Michael Lau, the Box B characters are meant to send a mold-breaking message with their square heads in a round world. Blankos has teamed up with Lau, known as the “Godfather of Designer Toys,” to bring a series of three characters into the world of playable NFTs. The first of three in “The Gardener Collection,” the Box B Blanko, launches on December 20, and will be available at the brand’s website and its in-game marketplace.

In the Blankos Block Party game, users can participate in an open-world multiplayer party game with tons of user-created mini games. Styled like a giant block party, the colorful world allows users to express their style with their characters. The Box B Blankos are equipped with wrist and wallet chain accessories that are unique to them, and cannot be used by other characters. Players can collect Blankos and customize or level them up; the different Blankos can also be put up for sale on the secondary market for real money (fiat or crypto).

During the drop for the Box B Blanko, interested fans can head to Blankos.com or the in-game marketplace where unlimited Box B Blankos will be available for 10 minutes only. After the 10 minutes is over, fans will only be able to purchase them from other users in the Mythical Marketplacee, a secondary peer-to-peer market. Since each Blanko character is a curated NFT, partner artists like Michael Lau continue to earn royalties when their characters are sold through the secondary market. Unlike other NFTs, Blankos is built on a private EVM-compatible sidechain that uses a Proof-of-Authority consensus model, which is more eco-friendly than traditional forms of proof-of-work and mining processes.

Launching at 3PM PT on December 20, the Box B Blanko will be available at the brand’s website and its in-game marketplace. More information about these NFTs and how to start competing in online parties with your friends with Blankos Block Party can also be found at its website.
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