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Move Over, Mary Louise! Corey Might Be the Actual Worst on ‘BLL’

Jul 8, 2019

[Warning: This article contains spoiler-y info about season two, episode five of Big Little Lies.]

Anytime you think things might be looking up on Big Little Lies, you should probably brace yourself — it’s almost a guarantee that something wicked this way comes. And, in true BLL fashion, this week’s episode featured the shocker that Corey might be a police informant. As in, yes, Jane’s cute, quirky, seemingly sweet aquarium nerd boyfriend could be slowly gaining her trust just to stab her in the back.

BLL waited until the final five minutes of the newest episode, “Kill Me,” to tease Corey’s possible double identity. In a montage that included several WTF moments, Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) drives to the police station to… turn herself in for the murder of Perry (Alexander Skarsgard)? Or did she honor her the request of her mom, Elizabeth (Crystal Fox), in which case she’d be turning herself in for killing her? It’s unclear at the moment, as is why she saw Corey coming out of the police station as Bonnie was about to walk in. Just before he gets into his car, he looks up and it appears that their eyes meet.

But, like, what does it all mean? Could Corey (Douglas Smith) really be letting Jane (Shailene Woodley) open up to him about such heartbreakingly traumatic things only to use them against her? Fans don’t like it, but they sure are thinking it.


Sigh. Surely the BLL universe wouldn’t deal Jane another devastating blow like that, right? Some fans simply refuse to believe it.


Some fans pointed out that this doesn’t necessarily mean Corey is up to no good.


And, not surprisingly, the police station glimpse led to a few more conspiracy theories about Corey.


And some of us are still missing Coffee Shop Tom.

So, it goes without saying that Corey continues to baffle BLL fans in season two. Either he is an awkward but totally endearing guy helping Jane find much-needed healing, or he is a sociopathic jerk who is playing on her past trauma to further his career. We’re really hoping it’s the former, but it isn’t looking good for Aquarium Guy right now.

If Corey does turn out to be a cop, it still might not be the end of the world for Jane. He could really have developed feelings for her, although he certainly shouldn’t be deceiving her. Maybe he’ll use his insider knowledge to help her. Or maybe he’ll take what Jane has told him to the cops, but it won’t amount to anything other than a little extra suspicion — after all, the only thing Jane has really told him at this point is that Ziggy was the result of a rape.

Once again, we’re left waiting until next week to find out. Until then, we’re keeping our fingers crossed in the hopes that Corey has a damn good explanation for being at the police station when Bonnie showed up.

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