There comes a time our adult lives when all of our friends seem to get hitched around the same time and the weddings start rolling in.

Even the best big days can have moments of lull, especially when a speech drags on a little too long, and for those moments many grown ups turn to alcohol.

Unfortunately for younger guests this isn't an option and they have to find other ways to keep themselves entertained.

Before the knee-sliding across the dancefloor could begin, seven-year-old schoolboy Jacob Francis was busy colouring-in during the speeches at a recent wedding.

When he ran out of things to colour, he decided to use a template of a two-tier cake to draw one for himself.

His mum Hannah, 30, from Gillingham, was left in hysterics when her little boy presented her with a drawing that looked an awful lot like a penis.

Jacob was so proud of his masterpiece that he decided to put his own spin on it by adding drawings of fruit to the already questionable sketch.

Hannah, who works as a lunchtime supervisor, said: "I was trying not to laugh when Jacob showed me as I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

"As soon as I saw it one thing sprang to mind and when he added the 'fruit' I thought it was even funnier as it looks like something is wrong with it.

"My husband Glen, 31, and I have been laughing all week and our friends think it is brilliant too.

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