Elon Musk‘s brain implant startup company, Neuralink, seems to be running into management issues before a single product has been shipped out. Neuralink co-founder Max Hodak took to Twitter to announce that he is no longer with the health tech venture.

Hodak announced that he had in fact left the company “a few weeks ago” but has yet to reveal the circumstances of the departure. Neuralink has also not announced a replacement for Hodak. It is still unclear the degree to which Hodak’s exit will impact the development of Neuralink, though the timing is definitely not ideal. The company recently demonstrated the brain implant technology on in a monkey, hinting at a nearly finished product.

When it comes to high-profile management restructuring, Musk is no stranger to the changes. Though most of the departures have occurred at his more established companies like Tesla, some of the top executives have continuously praised the positive relationships they have developed with Musk over time.

Check out Max Hodak’s full Tweet about his departure below.

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