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Nick Holiday Just Wants To Build His World

Oct 15, 2022

From stealing hoodies in St. Louis to traveling the world with bags of self-designed tour merch, Nick Holiday has always loved clothes and as BROCKHAMPTON’s stylist, you have to be pretty good at it. For the latest installment of HYPEBEAST Diaries, we caught up with streetwear-oriented creative to learn just how it all came together.

“No, I’m not addicted to shopping bro,” Holiday exclaims sarcastically. “That’d be crazy if I loved clothes so much.” 

Whether it be the kitchen or living room, Holiday’s space is aptly filled with a selection of street-friendly pieces. But the house itself represents a calmer holding ground for his creative processes. Heading to the backyard, the stylist reveals the first office of his Holiday brand. The guest house turned headquarters is filled with piles of clothes stashed in the corners and mismatched shoes lining the window sill. But even in its madness, Holiday can recall specific stories about any garment no matter if it occurred yesterday or three years prior.

Down on funds, Holiday got his start in his hometown of St. Louis Missouri, where he’d steal hoodies and start drawing his own designs. But what was just a means of expressing his design creativity kickstarted his journey as a unique streetwear-focused stylist. “I want to make stuff that represents who I want to be perceived as.”

Initially unfamiliar with Kevin Abstract, the artist’s “Bubblegum” track is what led Holiday to send him a direct message on Instagram. From there, the two became digital pen pals, which ultimately led to Holiday going on tour with BROCKHAMPTON to design merch. From shows to music videos, having a direct hand in the group’s image helped elevate not just Holiday’s styling career, but his eponymous brand.

Later on in the video, Holiday offers a look at the current Holiday office, which like the former is filled with loads of garments from Balenciaga to vintage army attire. But at this junction in his career, Holiday is steadfast on not just furthering representation of queer creatives in streetwear, but evolving along the way.

“I’m always looking for a way to evolve whether it’s what I’m wearing or the way I act,” said Holiday. “Right now I’m just at a spot where I’m trying to build my world. That’s all I want to do.”

Watch the latest installment of HYPEBEAST Diaries above.

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