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Nitanda Shoyuten's New Soy Sauce is Made for Dessert

Dec 1, 2021

Looking to innovate, Nitanda Shoyuten (Nitanda Soy Sauce Shop), a traditional soy sauce maker in Ōita prefecture with over 100 years of history, has now developed sweet soy sauce for dessert.

Coming in two flavors — Mitarashi (sweet rice dumpling sauce) and Vanilla, the sweet soy sauce is produced from a three-year fermented soy sauce, thick mirin rice wine, brown sugar and Japanese sugar sanontō. Unlike traditional soy sauce with a runny consistency, the sweet product pours like syrup, to be drizzled on pancakes, mochi, ice cream, cakes and more.

Priced at ¥550 JPY (approximately $4.85 USD), Nitanda Shoyuten’s Sweet Soy Sauce is available now on the company’s website. Watch the behind-the-scenes video for making the soy sauce below.

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