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'One-Punch Man' Cosmetics Arrive in 'Overwatch 2'

Mar 8, 2023

Last October, gamers said goodbye to Overwatch and hello to Overwatch 2. With its predecessor rendered unplayable by Blizzard Entertainment, the focus has remained on what Overwatch 2 is bringing to the table. Now, with Season 3 well underway, the title is introducing its first major in-game collaboration.

Teaming up with the One-Punch Man franchise, the beloved anime has been reimagined in the Overwatch 2 universe. Four of the game’s heroes find themselves cosplaying as One-Punch Man characters in new Legendary skin options: Doomfist as Saitama, Genji as Genos, Kiriko as Tatsumaki and Soldier 76 as Mumen Rider, an option that can be earned for free by completing in-game challenges. In addition to this, various thematic bits such as a Saitama Punch highlight intro are included with the purchase of the cosmetic bundles.

The One-Punch Man-themed skins are available now in Overwatch 2 for a limited time, for sale via the in-game shop until April 6. A mega bundle option including all three purchasable skins alongside an emote, highlight intro, victory pose, voice line and three name cards is purchasable at a discounted amount as well.

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