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P. Andrade's São Paulo Fashion Week Debut Brought a Progressive Take on Tradition

Nov 24, 2021

Pedro Andrade‘s eponymous label P. Andrade has taken to São Paulo Fashion Week to present its inaugural Spring/Summer 2022 collection, opening the event with a sustainable bang.

You might recognize Andrade’s work from his previous ventures, namely running the brand Piet which also frequently shows at São Paulo Fashion Week. Showcased in a warehouse-esque building, the runway collection was debuted on models that walked across an industrial bridge before stepping into a pebbled garden, and this contrast was reminiscent in the clothes themselves.

Tailoring was prevalent, with a white shirt going against norms thanks to the use of a toggle-equipped lace that wrapped around the body of the garment. Paired with technical suit pants and a pair of plant-based tabi-toe mules, it was a look that subverted traditions but somehow looked technical and formal at the same time.

Elsewhere, more rope lacing and toggles encompass a pair of trousers to warp and distort the shape of the trouser, while other traditional pieces such as a blazer are paired with a hood for yet another progressive look. Tracksuits comprised of a pair of pants with front zig-zag cut-outs and a deep v-neck collared Harrington jacket are worn atop a shirt and tie with a pair of waterproof sneakers, while a standout from the SS22 offering is undoubtedly P. Andrade’s puffer suit, served up in the seasonal color of crayon gray.

Overall, the designer’s debut collection takes everything Piet did so well, and refines it so that the pieces can be mixed and matched, worn in various occasions, or styled to create an impactful look. While Piet focused on tracksuits and more relaxed cuts, P. Andrade presents a Japanese avant-garde style combined with looks that are fit for rainforest excursions, tinged with tailoring cues for something familiar, and contrasted with technical touches to bring it into a street realm.

Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2022 collection from P. Andrade above.

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