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Pas Normal Studios Upcycles Deadstock Fabric for Latest Cycling Collection

Aug 5, 2021

Copenhagen-based Pas Normal Studios has presented its latest collection of cycling gear, partnering with Browns for a series of performance pieces constructed from upcycled deadstock fabrics. Overall, the collection is limited to just 50 pieces, each of which is pieced together from excess cycling jerseys and bibs.

Throughout the collection, a color palette features deep burgundy with green, while other pieces sport a mixture of blue with yellow details. Across all of the items, Pas Normal Studios branding appears alongside its “International Cycling Club” slogan. Overall, the collection includes cycling kit, jersey and bib, along with a musette, bidon and sock.

Launching the collection, Pas Normal Studios founder Karl-Oskar Olsen discussed how upcycled elements had been incorporated. “From the last couple of seasons we collected some excess trims and fabrics from our Italian manufacturer and wanted to use this fabric somehow,” he said. “We agreed that the fabric would decide the outcome more than anything else and so, in this capsule, our two most iconic styles the Mechanism Jersey and Bib became the canvas of a mix of colours of our past collections. In a way, these two pieces are a reflection of our journey over the last few seasons.”

Olsen also discussed how the collection worked for cyclists, whether experienced or new to the sport, “As this collection has quite a vibrant approach it’s definitely something that speaks to the type of rider that has a certain amount of confidence, it’s for the days when you feel you are on top of the world and as if your legs are made from diamonds.”

Browns’ menswear buyer Joe Brunner echoed this, paying tribute to how Pas Normal Studios bridges the gap between fashion trends and performancewear with such a contemporary take on cycling gear that speaks so well to our customers, from the avid cyclist to those just starting out. This together with the brand’s ‘International Cycling Club’ has created an on the road culture that appeals to everyone’s desire for adventure.”

Take a look through the collection in action in the gallery above. The exclusive Pas Normal Studios collection is available now from the Browns web store.

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