A recent Reddit thread asked people, “What is the worse way you’ve ever gotten dumped?” The responses made me cringe and almost cry. Here’s what they said.

This not-so-festive breakup:

“It was over text when I was about to head to her place to exchange Christmas presents. So, on Christmas. I haven’t seen nor talked to her since.” — suchascenicworld

This background noise breakup:

“She broke up with me initially over a two-sentence text (after seven months). I demanded more information, ‘If this is what you’re going to do, you at least owe me a phone call.’ She confessed to cheating on me, while simultaneously denying cheating on me, while the guy laughed in the background.” — The_Redemption

This cruel break-up:

“I had a miscarriage and after his family convinced him it was my fault, he then broke up with me, also blaming me, over messenger on Facebook.” — Loves_me_tacos125

This Black Eyed Peas breakup:

“One of my friends got dumped in high school by the girl saying, ‘I’m so 3008, you so 2000 and late.'” — jadesux666

This romantic but devastating breakup:

“Was taken to a very romantic spot right where two rivers met. It was night, full moon and stars were reflecting off the water. Looked me in the eyes and said: ‘So, I feel like I’ve been leading you on, and I have. Vanessa is single now, and I really like her.” — Fred_the_skeleton

This Google Doc breakup:

“My friend broke up with her high school boyfriend over a shared Google Doc. Yes, colored text and everything. It was on a group project, so there was a third person on it too.” — thinking-b4-do

This vacation breakup:

“We were on vacation together with her family, I woke up that morning with her standing over me, telling me that I needed to leave. Her dad drove me the three-hour ride back home. I never figured out why.” — Royal_Ghoul

And lastly, this humiliating breakup:

“They screamed it across the school cafeteria for everyone to hear. I said, “All right,” and that was that.” — The_Tell_Tale_Heart

In conclusion, if you’re gonna break up with someone, BE GENTLE AND RESPECTFUL. That’s all, bye!

Have you ever been dumped in a really harsh way? Tell us the story in the comments below.

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