Pittsburgh Steelers‘ wide receiver, Chase Claypool joins an exclusive group of elite NFL players in the Jordan brand family.

Only a handful of NFL players have an endorsement deal with Nike’s Jordan brand. Claypool is in illustrious company, including Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers, Le’Veon Bell from Kansas City Chiefs, and his Steelers teammate, Joe Haden. Claypool admitted to have consulted with Haden regarding the Jordan brand, and with the announcement of the deal, the conversation seems to have positively swayed him towards Jordan. He explains his decision, “There’s a select few representing Jordan Brand in the league. When you look at the roster, those are the people killing it right now. So when you lace up those Jordans, you want to be at the same level as the other guys. It’s a family environment, but you’re also competing and trying to make each other better.”

Having grown-up playing basketball in Canada, Claypool heavily emphasizes the importance of his different sports experiences to his development as a football player. He cites fellow sports athletes, including Dallas Mavericks‘ Luka Dončić and Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans as huge motivators for his decision to sign with Jordan.

The Steelers’ top rookie appears to also be looking ahead, thinking beyond his football career and hoping to continue to develop his brand outside of football and his Jordan sponsorship. “I think that developing your brand outside of the football field is important, because people don’t get to see what you look like underneath the helmet,” he said. Claypool has been documenting his journey in the NFL on YouTube, steadily gaining a fan and support base online.

Chase Claypool finished his rookie regular season with 873 receiving yards, 62 receptions, and nine touchdowns. Though the Steelers’ lost in the playoff game against the Cleveland Browns, he was a crucial part of their scoring as he posted 59 yards and scored two touchdowns that game.

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