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Seller Crashes $51,000 USD Acura Integra Type R Just Before Delivering It to New Owner

Jun 22, 2021

Some shocking news has surfaced regarding the $51,000 USD 1998 Acura Integra Type R that was sold on Bring a Trailer last month.

The winning bid came from user swind74 who revealed that the Type R would not be making it to his garage as the owner, “took the car out and wrecked it” just before handing it over to him. This news was also confirmed by Bring a Trailer with, “We have confirmed with the seller that the car was damaged following the end of the auction.” We can only guess that the owner wanted one last sweet ride with his cherished DC2 before sending it to a new home. The mistake was that the car was already sold for the hefty sum of $51,000 USD, which would be enough to deter most people from jinxing the transaction.

The CarFax reports that it was a sideswipe collision that damaged the front and rear of the vehicle. It’s a shame as these Japanese classics just keep going up in price.

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