There is no way of getting around it: 2020 has been a challenging, and for many, a terrible year.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 1.3 million people around the world. Millions more have lost their jobs, and governments have offered uneven support. In the United States, a reckoning with race and discrimination poured into the streets during the summer and its effects have rippled into the fall. The country’s presidential election saw record-breaking turnout but led to a debate over the very essence of its democratic process.

Yet even in this dark year, there have been moments of lightness, growth and utter joy. In our isolation we have had time to reflect and find inner strength. We learned new hobbies. We took leaps into the unknown. Some of us even fell in love.

As we enter what will most likely be a difficult end of the year for many, let’s remember those moments and find strength and resiliency in those memories.

We’re asking you to look back through your camera roll and share with us a photo or video that captures one of the most positive moments from this year. It can be one that is particularly memorable, or a quiet moment that resonates with you more now. Maybe it was the sight of a loved one at a distance after a long isolation, your first pandemic sourdough loaf or a life change made for the better.

Along with the photo or video, include a brief written reflection on what that moment means to you now in the form below.

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