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Sorry, But Only True "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Fans Can Match The Description To The Episode

Jul 15, 2019
  1. “Tactical Village”“The Jimmy Jab Games”“Halloween II”

  2. “The Box”“Moo Moo”“Skyfire Circle”

  3. “The Mattress”“Chasing Amy”“The Bet”

  4. “Hostage Situation”“Yippie Kayak”“Operation: Broken Feather”

  5. “The Slump”“The Tagger”“48 Hours”

  6. “The Bimbo”“The Honeypot”“A Tale of Two Bandits”

  7. “Monster in the Closet”“Game Night”“The Favor”

  8. “The Slaughterhouse”“The Last Ride”“The Golden Child”

  9. “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”“A Tale of Two Bandits”“Pontiac Bandit”

  10. “Jake and Amy”“The Bet”“Johnny and Dora”

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