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Stone Island Prototype Research Series 07 Explores Crystal-Based Heat Reactive Coating

May 22, 2023

Stone Island‘s Prototype Research Series consists of native limite-edition garments dressed in experimental fabrics or treatments that have not yet been industrialized. The latest chapter is titled Series 07_Liquid Crystal Heat Reactive, highlighting a special liquid crystal-based resin coating which has been spread across a limited run of 100 Anorak jacklets made of nylon canvas.

While we’ve seeen heat-reactive creations from Stone Island before, the Liquid Crystal Heat Reactive, which delivers exceptional color variance, is said to depart from the thermo-chromatic solutions previously used by the brand since 1989. Between temperatures of 15 and 31 degrees Celsius (59 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit), the liquid crystals on the fabric trigger a gradual molecular reaction for constant color variability. A special white badge exclusive to Stone Island Textile Research garments is positioned on the left sleeve and small white marks pop up at colder temperatures, becoming increasingly visible as the jacket is worn.

The Stone Island Prototype Research_Series 07 will be available from May 23 via Stone Island’s website.

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