It’s a good day, because Taylor Swift just dropped “Lover” the fourth song from her upcoming seventh album of the same name, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the last 11 hours.

I’m literally not exaggerating at all!

The song is a soft bop, and a love letter to a person who you want to be with forever. Like, the bridge is literally wedding vows.

It’s a complete departure from the other singles from Lover, “Me” and “You Need To Calm Down”, and is more reminiscent of Taylor’s older, more acoustic stuff. I’m sure you’ll hear it at every wedding you attend for the rest of your life, as you should.

In her recent cover interview with Vogue, Taylor said the song has “one of her favourite bridges”, and after it was released, a fan who attended the Lover Secret Sessions revealed Taylor had told her “Lover” is her favourite Taylor Swift song ever.

Fans who attended the Sessions also revealed that Taylor wanted the song to have a “timeless” feel, and used instruments found in a wedding band.

What I’m trying to say here is that “Lover” is fantastic, and you should go and stream it immediately if you haven’t already. And also if you have already.

But this is Taylor Swift, and we obviously cannot rest for a second. As soon as we heard the song, it became obvious that Taylor’s been dropping hints about it for literal ~months~ now.” target=”_blank”>

Let’s take a look at everything we missed…

1.All the way back in July 2018, Taylor posted this photo on Instagram from her childhood home in Pennsylvania.

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She captioned the photo “take me home”, with a little pink heart emoji, and it all seemed pretty innocent.

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Until you hear the lyrics to “Lover”.

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It could just be a coincidence, but considering the fact that she used the same emoji she’s been using to promote the album and she’s Taylor Swift and doesn’t do coincidences, I’m going to believe it’s not.

2.Before she even released the first single from Lover, Taylor wrote an article for Elle about 30 things she’d learned before turning 30 that turned out to be a whole treasure trove of clues about the album.

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At number 25, she writes about finding inspiration in happy moments rather than heartbreak, which is very much what “Lover” is about.

There’s a common misconception that artists have to be miserable in order to make good art, that art and suffering go hand in hand. I’m really grateful to have learned this isn’t true. Finding happiness and inspiration at the same time has been really cool.

3.There are, of course, Easter Eggs hidden in the music video for “Me” that nobody caught before hearing “Lover”.

In the opening of the video, Taylor is standing in front of a Christmas tree as she yells at Brendon Urie, her ~lover~ who tells her she ~needs to calm down~. The first verse of “Lover” has a line about Christmas lights.

4.Of course, the name of the song also appeared in neon in the video all the way back when we didn’t know it was the title of the album.

None of us missed that one, though. Even if Taylor did try to throw us off by saying no one had guessed it yet.

5.You probably remember that in May, Taylor appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and dropped a whole load of Easter Eggs about Lover that we’re still picking up on.

We were told that all the pins Taylor wore on her jacket on the cover were actually Easter Eggs, but some remained pretty mysterious — in particular, the one depicting Mister Rogers.

But as one ~extremely~ eagle-eyed fan noted on Tumblr, “Lover” is 3 minutes and 41 seconds long. There’s an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood which uses the number 143 (or 3:41 backwards) to mean “I love you”.

6.Speaking of numbers, with the release of “Lover”, Taylor made sure we’ve heard 13 total minutes of the album before its release.

Because of course she has.

7.And, considering we know one of the remaining songs is called “The Man”, there are 13 more song titles to be revealed when the album drops next week.

So make sure to stream “Lover” now and also Lover on August 23!!! Bye!!!!! ??

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