Kross Studio, the new Swiss timepiece brand who debuted last year with this Batmobile clock, is back with the ultimate collector’s watch for fans of the Star Wars saga.

The officially licensed Death Star Tourbillon is not just the ultimate Star Wars-themed piece of haute horlogerie, but an epic collector’s set including screen-used ‘Kyber Crystal’ props from the movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The watch and crystals are housed in ‘armoured containers’ recreated from the designs seen in the same movie as the ultimate watch box by a Swiss bespoke furniture maker, 1.2m in length with functional storage capsules.

At the centre of the dial is a tourbillon with a Death Star-shaped cage and peripheral hands indicating hours and minutes in the form of Imperial Star Destroyers. Even the movement’s wheels, which can be seen through the open dial, take the form of the Galactic Empire’s emblem.

The 5-day movement can be hand-wound via a ring on the caseback while a push button on the caseband allows for time adjustment. The distinctive surface pattern of the Empire’s planet-destroying space station is debossed on the watch’s grey calfskin strap which can be detached in an instant using two buttons on the case-back.

Ten individually numbered sets are being produced and are available now via Kross Studio, priced $150,000 USD.

In other watch news, Omega has produced a trio of Moonwatch Velcro straps for its space-ready Speedmaster.
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