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The Cast Of "Even Stevens" Just Recreated "We Went To The Moon In 1969" And I'm Screaming

Jul 18, 2019

If you watched Even Stevens as a kid, then there’s one fact you’ll never forget: We went to the moon in 1969.

Ren Stevens’ science-project-turned-musical-number was truly a DEFINING moment in Disney Channel history. 17 years later (!!!) people are STILL singing it.

Well, Christy Carlson Romano, the actor who played Ren, has a new YouTube series out — Christy’s Kitchen Throwback.

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And in her latest episode, she reunites with two of her former Even Stevens castmates to recreate “We Went to the Moon.” Frankly, it’s kinda perfect:

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First, she brings out Lauren Frost, who you probably remember as Ruby Mendel, Ren’s best friend.

Then we get a special appearance by George Anthony Bell — aka Principle Wexler.

Together, they convert Christy’s living room into that fateful science classroom, and with the help of some teens, recreate ALL the iconic choreography.

I never knew how badly I needed this. THIS SONG WILL NEVER LEAVE MY BRAIN.

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire recreation below. And for more childhood nostalgia, you can subscribe to Christy’s channel here.

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