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The Life List: 5 things to know about Chinese boy group WayV

Apr 14, 2020

SINGAPORE – Chinese boy group WayV, the China-based unit of popular South Korean boy band NCT, debuted on Jan 17 last year and were named Best New Asian Artist at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The group under Label V – SM Entertainment’s China exclusive label – comprises seven members – Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Hendery and YangYang.

The members perform mostly in Mandarin and debuted with the EP The Vision. Their most recent EP, Take Over The Moon, was released last year in October.

Here are five things to know about WayV, which are fronting Skechers’ new line of Energy sneakers.

1. The members are close outside of work

When not hitting dance numbers and belting musical hits, the WayV members recharge with leisurely group activities like watching movies and taking walks.

Their team dynamic comes through when they hit the stage. They say in an e-mail interview: “When we perform and realise that the synergy between the members has improved, that’s when we realise how much we’ve grown as a group.”

2. They enjoy eating good food together

The boy band love to cook meals together and their favourite dish is hot pot. Kun, 24, is the master chef of the group. “Recently, Kun has been making lots of delicious food for us, so we’d love to pick up some cooking skills from him,” the other members say.

3. They want to visit Singapore

The members hope to visit Singapore and perform for fans here. “We know Singapore is a very clean and beautiful country. We’d love to try the country’s seafood, especially the famous chilli crab,” the group say.

4. The fans are their favourite part of the job

The members are happiest when they can showcase their performances to fans, whom they call WayZenNis – a nod to NCT fans, better known as NCTzens or Czennies.

“Our most memorable memory would be our first fan meeting, as we’d never have imagined that so many fans would come to see us. It’s our fans’ support that has made WayV what we are today and we hope we can continue moving forward together.”

5. They share a go-to wardrobe item

Each member has his own style, from oversized clothing to more fitted apparel. But one fashion staple all of them agree on is black shoes with chunky soles.

Apart from being a versatile pairing to any outfit, this shoe style helps lengthen the members’ frames. They cite the Skechers Energy Sneakers as an example.

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