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The powerful lesson we can all learn from Lizzo’s Grammys acceptance speech

Feb 6, 2023

Taking to the stage to claim the award for record of the year for her song About Damn Time, Lizzo spoke about the power of self-acceptance in making change.

You can always count on Lizzo to dish out some powerful advice, and her acceptance speech at last night’s Grammy awards was no different.

Taking to the stage to accept the award for record of the year for her song About Damn Time, the singer spoke about the role self-acceptance has played in her ability to make change – and urged her fans to remember their value.

After dedicating the award to Prince – whose loss, she explained, inspired her to create the feel-good music she’s known for – Lizzo spoke about how she started making positive music at a time when it wasn’t very ‘mainstream’ to do so.  

“I felt very misunderstood,” she told the audience. “I felt on the outside looking in. But I stayed true to myself because I wanted to make the world a better place. So I had to be that change to make the world a better place.”

Going on to say how “proud” she was to be a part of the movement of positive, feel-good music that exists these days, the singer continued: “In a world where there’s a lot of darkness and a lot of scary shit, I’d like to believe that not only can people do good, but we just are good. We are good inherently!” 

And before she moved on to thanking everyone involved in the record for inspiring and helping her create music, she sent one last message to her fans at home.

“Anybody at home who feels misunderstood or on the outside looking in like I did, just stay true to yourself,” she said. “Because I promise you will attract people in your life who believe in you and support you.”

While the tribute to Beyoncé that followed this part of the speech has attracted the most media coverage – and for good reason – Lizzo’s framing of self-acceptance as a power for change is something we can all learn from.

Accepting yourself for who you are and staying true to yourself can be challenging in a world where we’re surrounded by a myriad of external influences and pressures. 

But, as Lizzo’s story shows, being ourselves not only has the power to bring us success and happiness – it can have a positive impact on those around us, too.  

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