If you’re someone that loves the Xbox console aesthetic and hates going to the kitchen to grab a drink during an intense gaming session, you’re in luck.

During its E3 showcase on Sunday, Xbox unveiled its new mini fridge, which is designed to look like a Series X console.

“For the first time ever in Xbox history, a new system that leaves others cold,” Xbox teased in its theatrical trailer. The promo said that it was the “world’s most powerful mini fridge” and featured “Xbox velocity cooling architecture.”

The mini fridge was first teased in April after Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg said that if Xbox won Twitter’s first-ever #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket champion, the company would begin to manufacture the home appliance. 

Ultimately, Xbox won Twitter’s poll over Skittles, and it seems that Microsoft followed through.

Last year, Xbox and Snoop Dogg unveiled the Xbox Series X Fridge, a full-size appliance that was given away to one fan in a sweepstakes.

“Complete with the latest next-gen cooling technology and inspired by one of the internet’s favorite console memes,” the company wrote in its press release, “the fridge is a 1:1 scale replica of the Xbox Series X, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing in at 400 pounds.”

The fridge featured an Xbox icon on the front that powers on and acts as “a bright guiding light for your snacking quests.” A disc drive slot serves as the fridge door handle and when opened, the appliance plays a new signature Xbox sound. The inside of the fridge features a green light that illuminates the fridge’s contents in the signature Series X glow.

It’s unclear if the new Xbox Series X mini fridge will share the same features as the full-size version, but they are slated to hit shelves “holiday 2021.”

In other news, a Microsoft executive admitted last month that Xbox gaming consoles are sold at a loss.
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