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“Think in Colour” Creates a Digital Sculpture Based off Your Thoughts

Mar 16, 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to map out your thoughts in color, you’re in luck. “Think in Colour” is an interesting new tool by Belgian news magazine, Knack, and design agency Mutant, which creates a digital sculpture based off your responses to a list of thought-provoking questions.

The list ranges everything from how likely you are to block someone who you don’t vibe with on social media, whether you have friends who have opposing political views, the level of empathy you exhibit on a daily basis, to more philosophical inquiries. With each response, the sculptural blob begins to take on new colors and shapes according to the percentage to which you agree or disagree with the corresponding question.

More than just a vibrant questionnaire to burn off some time, Knack provides a detailed summary of each trait at the end of the assessment. Additionally, users will be able to download a JPEG or GIF of the final sculpture, which if you’re like me, will probably look like the grand canyon in gumball form.

According to a statement by Knack’s editor-in-chief, Bert Bultinck, the 3D tool was made to present a “literal challenge to our readers to question their own way of thinking.” Made in conjunction with phycologists at the University of Brussels (VUB), the questionnaire is modeled after BFI-2 and FIT-60 tests and explores a person’s empathy, open-mindedness, flexibility and intellectual curiosity.

Try for yourself here.

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