“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah called out Senate Republicans for letting former President Donald Trump off the hook by failing to muster enough votes for a conviction in his second impeachment.

“Senators came up with a really amazing and bullshit excuse that even if Trump was guilty, they couldn’t do anything about it because he was already out of office,” Noah said. 

The Senate voted 57-43 to convict Trump over the weekend, with seven Republicans crossing party lines in the vote. But since conviction requires a two-thirds supermajority, Trump was acquitted.

“This dude just loves losing the popular vote,” Noah cracked. 

Noah also noted that Trump and those around him are taking a victory lap, bragging about the win, with son Eric Trump posting “2-0” online to show he beat two impeachments: 

“Now that’s what I’m talking about: two and oh. Obama never even won a single impeachment. Shit’s embarrassing! I mean say what you want, but Trump is the acquittal GOAT. Sorry OJ, you had a good run, but Trump got acquitted twice and he’s responsible for more deaths.”  

Check out his full monologue below: 



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