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UNDERCOVER Unveils New Tendo Mokko "ANARCHY CHAIR" Capsule

Feb 2, 2023

UNDERCOVER has released a new series of its iconic “ANARCHY CHAIR” made in collaboration with Japan’s leading furniture maker Tendo Mokko. Founded in 1940, Tendo Mokko is best known for its molded plywood technology in which thin boards are layered to create free-form shapes. Many of its pieces are found across permanent collections in museums around the world including MoMA New York and the Louvre.

The design of the chairs is made to be simple enough to harmonize with other furniture, yet undeniably Undercover, featuring a large circle “A” for anarchism logo on the new acrylic backrest and the use of different metal-plated materials for the leg caps. The curve of the backrest, seat, and legs are specially adjusted using Tendo’s signature molded plywood technique to create a shape that conforms to the human body. New cushioning options are found in premium black natural leather and off-white French wool boa.

The new ANARCHY CHAIR series is now available via select UNDERCOVER locations in Japan, the UNDERCOVER web store, and DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA. A one-of-a-kind ANARCHY CHAIR hand-carved by Jun Takahashi is also available at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA from February 2 to 12. Prices range from ¥270,270 to ¥375,375 JPY (approximately $2,100 to $2,919 USD).

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