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VonMercier Steps Into the Future With Arosa Electric Hovercraft

Mar 14, 2023

From The Jetsons to Back to the Future, the introduction of hovercrafts and flying cars has been an anxiously awaited dream of society. One that if fulfilled would convey a great leap in technology and culture. But as time rolls on, we are creeping up on actualizing that dream. A prime example is VonMercier’s Arosa Electric Hovercraft.

The Maryland-based company’s new hovercraft takes on the look of a sportscar, but it is so much more. The Arosa is powered by a trio of electric engines with the capacity to glide six to eight inches above the grand. This makes it possible for the vehicle to move across gravel, grass, snow, sand and water. Additionally, the Arosa can travel at up to 50 mph although its cruising speed sits at 20 mph. Another specification includes an 80-mile range based on three hours per charge and a 500-pound payload.

From a design standpoint, the hovercraft features a carbon fiber body, a three-seater open-air cockpit and an optional teak deck with a ladder for water usage. VonMercier is set to produce only 25 models this year and is aiming to double production in 2024. With a $200,000 USD price tag, reservations for the VonMercier Arosa are available now with a $1,000 USD deposit.

Take a look at the hovercraft in the gallery above.

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