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WATCH: This Cork woman's Love Island impressions will have you in stitches

Jul 10, 2019

A Cork woman’s impressions of the 2019 cast of Love Island has gone viral on Twitter.

Hayley Ryan (21) from Douglas, Co Cork, uploaded the impersonations to Twitter three days ago and the videos have already been viewed over one million times.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Hayley said she was blown away by the response

“I love the Love Island, I am hooked on it,” she said. The whole lot of us sit down on the couch and watch it every night.”

The impressionist used to send her friends videos of her impersonating and they encouraged her to upload them online.

“I’ve been able to do impressions since I was about 12. I used to do drama and when I played different parts, I put on different accents,” she said.

“I was always the one doing the impersonations of teachers and getting into trouble because of it,” she laughed.

“This Love Island one is just next level… it’s gotten so big in England too,” Hayley said.

Hayley says she has been enjoying the interest that’s come with her viral fame, but has had to turn off WiFi at work.

“It’s a bit of an issue, I am at work and not a tap was being done.”

“Twitter even sent me a notification saying ‘you’re getting a lot of notifications, do you want to turn on a filter?'”

Hayley also said she has an interest in getting into the entertainment industry. “I’d like to get into entertainment, even presenting… I gave up acting years ago for sport,” she revealed.

She plays for Cork’s Blackrock Camogie Club.

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