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14-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead by Little Brother as Two Men Attempted to Rob Ghost Gun He Built for Sale: Sheriff

Dec 4, 2021

The 13-year-old boy has been charged with his sister’s murder.

A 13-year-old Georgia boy who made and sold ghost guns has been charged with his sister’s murder after a sale went terribly wrong, according to law enforcement.

14-year-old Kyra Scott was shot dead when two men who were buying one of the guns attempted to rob it, and a shootout ensued.

According to Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds, 13-year-old Wilson Brandon Scott III had arranged to sell a semi-automatic gun he had built himself at his family home in Vicki Lane.

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But when the men attempted to take the gun without paying for it, the teen opened fire — and ended up fatally striking his sister instead.

“The folks that he made the weapon for come to pick it up and a robbery took place, he was going to rob him, take the gun instead of purchase the gun,” the sheriff said. “That’s when the shots were fired.”

“He shot his sister. And it is so sad for this to happen, but a mother losing two kids at one time,” sheriff Pounds added, per Fox5. “And that kind of stuff goes on right under your nose and you never know about it. A 13-year-old kid probably only weighs about 80 pounds, is able to do, make a weapon from start to finish, at 13 years old.”

One of the supposed purchasers, 19-year-old Yusef McArthur El, has also been charged with felony murder and robbery. The second person is still at large.

The men fled, and Kyra was loaded into a car as the family sought help; police were dispatched to the home but were rerouted to a gas station where they met the vehicle.

“Once we arrived, three people in the car, we observed there was a young girl in the vehicle who appeared to have been shot,” the sheriff said.

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Witness Jaquan Straughn told WSB-TV he was in the parking lot as emergency crews desperately tried to save the young teen, while her younger brother freaked out.

“They pulled her out and she was lifeless. You could tell that she wasn’t breathing. There was an officer nearby who helped with taking her out of the car and they were holding her up on the ground,” he said.

“He was panicking. He was crying,” Straughn added. “He was yelling, saying, ‘Don’t die! Don’t die!’ and then he was yelling that she was shot, so the police officer and the women, they were holding her up, just kind of slapping her in the face, telling her, ‘Stay here! Stay here!'”

Sheriff Pounds said the boy, who sold the illegal, untraceable guns he made on the streets of Atlanta, admitted to firing the fatal shot.

“We determined, and the young kid admitted to, 13-year-old brother, admitted shooting his sister,” the sheriff said. “But all of this come about from what was going on inside the home.”

“Kyra Scott’s death is a tragedy of epic proportions,” District Attorney Dalia Racine added at the press conference. “It is an unspeakable loss for her family. This loss is absolutely senseless and many are grappling as to how this could happen.”

“We in Douglas County are a community in need of healing. Our village has failed to protect our youth.”

A GoFundMe page set up by Kyra’s sister has so far raised $19k.

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