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7 Best Hiking Boots for Women 2021 | The Sun UK

Jul 1, 2021

BEGINNER and expert hikers alike know the value of the best hiking boots for women – and how good it feels to discover your perfect pair.

Unlike your usual trainers or boots, they provide specific support and protection against the trials of mountains, hills and country paths.

A good pair of women's hiking boots provides support around the ankle, preventing leg or feet injuries if you fall down, or stumble. This is particularly helpful in the hills and mountains, where crevices and bumps in the road can appear from nowhere.

You'll also want a pair that are waterproof, as there are fewer things more detrimental to your walk than soggy feet… Is there anything worse than unpredictable British weather getting your socks damp and smelly?

But most importantly, you'll need a pair that fits well and are totally comfortable – preventing blisters, or the usual complaints about scrunched-up toes, and too-tight laces. Even the thought is enough to stop you and your hike in its tracks!

For those looking to commit to a pair of the best hiking boots for women, our guide will help you find the perfect match for you from what's available to buy on the market right now.

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