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8 Best Car Demisters 2021 | The Sun UK

Nov 1, 2021

WINTER promises cold weather and dark nights, but another of the season's downsides is foggy car windows.

Apart from being annoying, you’re legally required to demist your car’s windscreen, so it pays to do it properly.

To help you on your way, we’ve rounded up the best car demisters on the market.

What makes my car windows foggy?

Condensation forms in the car when it's cold out and there's moisture inside the vehicle from passengers.

The mist that forms on the windows makes visibility poor – and can affect your driving as a result (it's also illegal to drive if you can't see out of your windows properly).

What's the best way to de-fog my windows – and fast?

Some cars are equipped with a button which automatically starts the demisting process. Turning the heater on has the same effect – direct it at the windscreen and windows.

Note: you'll want to start the heater on cold before increasing the temperature so you don't add more humidity to the car.

Rolling down the windows – or blasting the air con after the heat – will also help speed up the process.

Keeping your windscreen clean will also help expedite the process – as will these demister tools below.

1. Pingi

  1. Pingi Dehumidifier Car And Home LV-A300, £8.89 at Amazon – buy here

This dehumidifier bag has legions of fans and lots of pluses: it's reusable, works in a variety of places (car, house, boat) and it's well-priced.

The design absorbs up to 120ml of moisture, with a colour dial that changes from blue to pink to indicate when it's full.

Customers especially recommend these for use in smaller cars.

'Purchased one of these and it did such a good job that sometimes it would prevent misting entirely and the rest of the time the blowers could deal with it! Chuck it in the microwave once a month and it's good to go again', writes one happy customer.

2. Apalus

  1. Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier, £19.99 at Amazon – buy here

This car dehumidifier bag will help reduce car misting, absorbing up to 400ml of water when placed on the dashboard.

Filled with silica gel, the demister is reusable (just microwave to dry) and includes an anti-slip mat.

Big car? Try three of these at once.


  1. LJNH windshield brush, £8.99 at Amazon – buy here

This windscreen cleaner lets you demist your windows quickly and effectively.

The package includes two windshield brush handles and two microfibre bonnets. The general consensus from reviewers is that it's 'a good buy'.

4. Halfords

  • Demister pad, £3 at Halfords – buy here

This microfibre demister pad does the job and doesn't cost a lot, cleaning glass and removing condensation.

5. Scotts of Stow

  • Windscreen Buddy – Set of 2, £19.95 at Scotts of Stow – buy here

Not designed for heavy condensation, the windscreen buddy can nevertheless help with demisting while leaving windows clean.

It works effectively on all manner of glass – shower, bathroom mirrors – around the home.

Fans approve of this set, which includes a detachable handle, two reusable microfibre bonnets, a mesh bonnet for bugs and a water spray bottle.

6. Clear to Go

  • Clear to Go car dehumidifier, £18.95 at Amazon – buy here

This car dehumidifier comes with built in silica gel, which helps get rid of moisture and condensation incredibly quickly.

Designed to sit on your dashboard on its anti-slip pad, it absorbs over 400ml of moisture. Leave it there overnight and chances are you’ll return to your car fog free.

The pad can be used for up to two years – when it stops performing simply dry it out in the microwave and it’ll be good as new.

7. Streetwize

  • Streetwize demister pad, £5.99 at Amazon – buy here

Able to absorb excess moisture and condensation in seconds, this two-in-one pad is arguably all you need.

Its two sides work together to clear windows quickly and efficiently. The chamois side is ideal for initially removing the moisture, while the microfibre side dries and removes smear marks, so you can drive away in confidence.

8. Simply

  • Simply demister, £4.99 at Amazon – buy here

Ideal for cold weather, this multi-use scraper is made from durable plastic, ensuring it’ll last winter after winter.

It comes complete with a soft rubber blade for removing excess water and ice, as well as a foam sponge to absorb moisture and dry glass. Incredibly easy to use, it’s perfect for icy mornings.

How to demist a car

Demisting a car is relatively straight forward, depending on how cold it is. Regardless of the weather though, it always helps to have your car's heater on, preferably pointing at the windscreen. Some newer cars might even be able to demist with the heater alone, although if you're in a rush, read on.

For simple moisture, use a demister pad in a horizontal motion to wipe away condensation. Then, do the same thing with a microfibre towel or pad to dry the glass.

For colder weather, it might be necessary to use an ice scraper before doing the above. With the heater on full blast, scrape away the ice before working the inside of the windscreen with the demister pad.

How long should it take to demist a car windscreen?

This depends on a number of factors. For brand new cars with powerful heaters, you can demist your car's windscreen in around 5 minutes.

But, for icy weather and if your car's heater isn't up to scratch, it can take considerably longer.

With a good quality ice scraper and demister pad, it's possible to de-frost your car in around 10/15 minutes. Remember to turn your car's heater on full power as soon as possible, to help speed the process up.

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