With a net worth estimated at $780 million, it’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian has a taste for the finer things in life, including when it comes to her bag collection. The reality star has been photographed with countless designer bags over the years. She’s also given her followers quick glimpses of her massive purse closet through social media. It’s unclear exactly how much Kim’s bag collection costs. However, given that some of her most iconic bags cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, it could be nearing $1 million.

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Below, we review some of the priciest bags in Kim’s pure collection. Of course, this isn’t representative of all of the bags in the makeup mogul’s collection. It wouldn’t be surprising if the star has other bags worth mini fortunes in her collection that have yet to make their debut in public. But if one thing is clear, it’s that Kim is willing to spent a pretty dime to get a pretty bag.

9 Louis Vuitton Keepall – $1,395

Purse Hop reports that Kim is the proud owner of a Louis Vuitton Keepall in the brand’s original monogram canvas, valued at around $1,395. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been seen at the airport carrying the duffle bag around, making it one of the mot well-known pieces in her collection.

8 Crystal Covered French Fry Purse — $5,695

Kim was the talk of the town in 2018 when she stepped out with a crystal embossed, McDonald’s French fry-inspired bag. According to Insider, the quirky piece was made by luxury brand Judith Leiber Couture. The bag was covered entirely in Swarovski crystals and featured a removable shoulder strap for convenience. At the time, Kim pared the daring accessory with a hot pink mini dress, making it one of her most notable outfits in the past few years.

7 Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux – $8,000

Kim clearly has a thing for Louis Vuitton luggage. The KKW Cosmetic founder has been photographed toting around a Loui Vuitton Boite Chapeaux, a luxury hat box that can double as a duffle bag. On the Louis Vuitton website, the bag is currently priced at a steep $8,000.

6 Hermes Birkin Painted By North – $20,000

While many parents would have a heart attack if their child drew on their purse – especially if said bag cost a whopping $20,000 – the Kardashian-Wests aren’t your normal family. When Kim’s eldest child, daughter North West, was a baby, her husband Kanye West surprised her with a Hermes Birkin bag featuring the toddler’s hand-painted drawings. InStyle notes the bag is worth at least $20,000.

5 Chanel Légo Bag – $20,000

Kim has been spotted with various Chanel purses over the years, but one of her most expensive pieces from the designer is her pink Chanel Lego Bag, Purse Hop notes. The bag is no longer in production but it’s being sold on various resale website for around $20,000.

4 Dior Saddle Bag – $35,000

Fans could barely believe it when Kim stepped out to run errands wearing a pricey metal Dior saddle bag value at $35,000, Glamour estimates. The bag, which as its name suggests is made of metal, was a collaboration between Japan’s Hajime Sorayama and Dior’s creative director Kim Joes, released as part of the brand’s prefill 2019 menswear collection. Only 10 of the bags were made

3 Hand-Painted Birkin Bag – $40,000

During their time together, Kanye has spoiled Kim with many luxurious gifts, including a stunning Hermes bag in 2013 featuring hand-painted designs by George Condo. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kim turned to Instagram to share the lavish gift, using the hashtag #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy. The brown Birkin bag features a series of painting from the famed artist. The publication notes the purse retails for around $40,000.

2 Hermes Himalayan Birkin – $150,000

This may be the most expensive bag in Kim’s collection (and proof she adores Hermes). According to FR24 News, Kim spent a whopping $150,000 on a Hermes Himalayan Birkin, made of real crocodile leather. Its name comes from its ombre coloring that turns from a smokey grey into a pearly white, meant to resemble the striking effects of the snow-capped Himalayas.

However, the publication notes that this certainly isn’t the most expensive Hermes bag purchase in the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim’s younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner, reportedly owns a Kelly Niloticus Crocodile Returned Himalayan bag, valued at approximately $150,000. Known as one of the rarest bags in the world, the luxury purse features a similar coloring meant to be a nod to the Himalayans. It’s made from Niloticus crocodile.

1 The Rest Of Her Hermes Bag Collection – Est. Unavailable

Kim has been spotted with many Hermes bags over the years (aside from only the hand painted ones). There’s no exact estimation of how much her Hermes bag collection alone is worth. But it’s got to be at least $100,000, at least according to one report that was released over a decade ago.

In 2010, TMZ reported that the reality star went on a shopping spree at a Hermes location in Paris in which she bought seven bags. Six of the bags were valued at approximately $10,000 each. But the publication notes Kim also splurged on an “extremely rare crocodile bag” worth around $30,000, meaning she spent close to $100,000 on the bags.Considering Kim has amassed several other Hermes bags in the years since then, including the $150,000 addition that was just mentioned, her collection may be nearing half a million by now. Who knows, it could even be a cool $1 million.

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