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90 Day Fiance Star Makes $45,000 a Week Selling Her Farts

Dec 15, 2021

The reality star eats a variety of spicy foods that help her pass gas in order to keep up with the demand of her fart in a jar hustle.

Former  “90 Day Fiancé” star Stephanie Matto has developed a lucrative side business that involves her farting into a jar.

The reality TV star told Buzzfeed that her newest product includes a glass jar of her passed wind, a couple of rose petals “to really attach the scent” and a personalized note.

Matto’s product is catered to her 260,000 followers whom she charges $1000 per jar of flatulence, although the influencer recently ran a promotion for 50% off.

The 31-year-old rose to fame after her stint on “90 Day Fiancé” which documents the process of international couples navigating the process of getting approved for American visas. This includes the 90 day time frame that each couple is allotted until they are required to get married.

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Stephanie also shared that she eats a variety of foods that help her pass gas in order to keep up with the demand of her fart in a jar hustle. The reality star regularly eats beans, hard boiled eggs, yogurt and protein.

“I usually follow a pretty strict diet, but I do allow myself 1–2 cheat days every single week, and those are the days that I will indulge in specific types of foods that I know will make me more gassy,” she revealed.

“I also like to combine my ‘product’ with something that smells like me, so I spritz one of my favorite perfumes into each jar to give customers the most immersive experience…I put a small fabric petal or flower into each jar — it’s aesthetically pleasing and also allows the scent to attach to it and last longer.”

Strangely enough, Matto revealed that her favorite pastimes include reading a good book while “waiting for those farts to develop” which apparently are the strongest in the first two days they’re made.

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“Working on my own adult-friendly platform these past few months has made me very aware of the different types of niches and markets that are out there,” she told the publication. “Over the years, I’ve gotten a few messages from men and women wanting to buy my worn bras, panties, hair, bath water, etc.”

Matto continued, “I thought farts were super niche, but also something fun, quirky, and different. It’s almost like a novelty item!”

So far she’s dispatched 97 orders and struggles to keep up with demands due to her constant influx of orders.

The reality TV star has gone viral on TikTok where she details and documents the process of her side business. Her last video titled, “Day in the life of a girl who sells her farts in a jar” garnered 6.6 million views.

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