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A Look Into How Nina Dobrev Earns And Spends Her $11 Million Fortune

Dec 10, 2021

Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva or better known as Nina Dobrev earned her big break with a lead role in The Vampire Diaries as 500-year-old Elena Gilbert. Despite having a net worth of $11 million today, the actress didn’t come from a ton of money and opportunity.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dobrev and her family moved to Canada when she was just a toddler and lived in a one-bedroom apartment with another family. While friends were shopping at high-end stores, Dobrev was hitting the thrift stores. Despite early struggles, the Bulgarian-born star had parents that recognized her talents and sent her to Wexford Arts School.

A few modeling gigs and commercial spots later, Dobrev began hitting her stride, launched into an acting career, and today, she’s shopping at top-luxury stores, traveling the world, and living the high life.

Check out the many ways Dobrev earns and spends her millions.


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In 2006, Dobrev landed her first major role in Away From Her, which led to her role as Mia Jones on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” She starred in Lifetime movies and several television films before landing her breakthrough role in 2009, CW’s The Vampire Diaries. In the early days, she was only making $40,000 per episode, but according to Money Inc., she managed to accrue $3 million for her role in the series.

Her highest-grossing films to date include XxX with co-star Vin Diesel, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Chloe, and Netflix’s recently popular rom-com Love Hard.

Dobrev has won several awards, including Teen Choice Awards for TV Actress, Breakout Star, Favorite Drama TV Actress, and just last month, premiered her directorial debut in The One seen at SCAD Savannah Film Festival.

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Lucrative Endorsements

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She has an Instagram following of more than 21 million followers, making Dobrev a prime target to advertisers. On average, celebrities that have more than $1 million followers can stand to make up to $100,000 per post.

She became the ambassador for Reebok’s Les Mills brand and Christian Dior. With her star-quality face, a love for fitness, health, and more, Dobrev is soon to be a household name. She even participated in the 2012 “Got Milk” campaign alongside her mother.

Her long, beautiful hair led to an endorsement for Japanese-company LUX, a successful and high-end shampoo brand. Her choice to collaborate with both national and international companies has had a hand in increasing that net worth over a few short years.

Businesswoman in the Making

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Alongside her best friend, actress, and dancer Julianne Hough, Dobrev launched Fresh Vine Wines, a wine company that specializes in low sugar, low carb, and vegan-friendly options. According to The Things, bottles range from $14.89 to $21.89, and a gift box can cost around $75. In 2021, Fresh Vine Wine was named the official wine partner of the Los Angeles Chargers.

Dobrev has also shared her dream of owning a jewelry line in the near future due to her love of creating her own in her spare time. According to The Talko, the artist has made it clear; she’s interested in her own line as opposed to a collaboration with another brand, making the project take a little longer than fans would hope.

Taking Care of Herself

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One of the many ways Dobrev chooses to spend all that dough is through exercise and eating healthy. As a major yoga fan, it’s not uncommon to see the star headed to class three to four times per week. She loves Hot Yoga, running, lightweights, and more to keep her body in ship shape for those active roles she enjoys in Hollywood.


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Dobrev has lived in Bulgaria, Canada, and now, the United States. Given the fact that she speaks English, Bulgarian and French, it makes sense that she loves to get back to her European roots. Dobrev enjoys not only traveling but the experience as well. Often, we think of the ultra-rich vacationing in the top-brand resorts and dining at the best restaurants, but Dobrev once threw on a backpack and trekked through Europe – solo. During her Vampire Diaries days, the young actress said she was able to stay below the radar because no one expected to see the star in Europe and East Asia, seemingly, without a dime in her pocket.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

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A beautiful girl often loves beautiful things, and in Dobrev’s case, the most important accessory is shoes. With an estimated 300 pairs of shoes in her closet, the superstar admits she has everything from heels to flats and anything in between.

Her impeccable style and love for a healthy physique have drawn the likes of Donna Karan, D&G, Elie Saab, and many others. Designers flock to have Dobrev wear their fashion on the red carpet because they know she’ll wear it well.

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