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Alicia Silverstone's controversial beliefs as she poses naked for PETA

Dec 21, 2022

Alicia knows best? From still sharing a bed with her 11-year-old son Bear to claiming tampons cause infertility – FEMAIL looks back at Silverstone’s most controversial beliefs as Clueless star poses naked for PETA

  • Silverstone posed nude for the first time in her 30-year career in a new campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
  • The Hollywood star previously admitted that veganism has ‘revolutionized her world’ and has spoken passionately about the movement over the years
  • Her parenting techniques have been known to raise eyebrows after she revealed she still shares a bed with her 11-year-old son, Bear 
  • Despite being met with criticism from experts and fans over many of her beliefs about natural living, the 46-year-old continues to share her views online
  • Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the star’s most jaw-dropping beliefs as she continues to defiantly go against the grain

She is best known for her role as Cher Horowitz in Clueless, but Alicia Silverstone has since gone on to make her name far more synonymous with the unique views she shares with the world.

Indeed, the Hollywood star has been open about her passion for topics like veganism and attachment parenting ever since she gained widespread recognition in the 90s. 

Despite being met with criticism from experts and fans over many of her eyebrow-raising antics, the 46-year-old continues to do what she can to raise awareness for the causes she feels so passionately about.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Silverstone had chosen to pose nude for the first time in her more-than-30-year career in a special campaign for PETA.

She is best known for her role as Cher Horowitz (right) in Clueless, but Alicia Silverstone has since gone on to make her name far more synonymous with the unique views

Wearing nothing but vegan leather boots in a field of cacti, the blonde star bared all in the image shared in a new 29-foot Times Square PSA in New York City.

The copy simply reads: ‘Don’t Be a Prick. Wear Vegan.’ 

‘I never, ever get naked in TV, in film, nothing, but I’ve done it for PETA ’cause that’s how much it matters to me,’ the vegan campaigner said in a video interview in which she explained leather’s effects on the planet.

The new campaign isn’t the first time the actress has made waves in order to highlight a cause, with the Vamps star making headlines across the globe when she shared her practice of re-feeding her baby son.

In the years that followed, Silverstone continued to raise eyebrows thanks to her revelations about everything from still sharing a bed with her 11-year-old son, Bear, to why she fears tampons can cause infertility.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the star’s most jaw-dropping beliefs as she continues to defiantly go against the grain.

Using her profile to campaign for animal rights and climate change: The actress has followed a strict vegan diet since she was 21

Alicia Silverstone has posed nude to inspire people to wear vegan clothes in her latest PETA campaign

The 46-year-old became a vegan aged 21 and have been a vocal campaigner for the rights of animals

The Clueless star has been raising her son, Bear Blue (pictured), to also have a love of animals


Silverstone previously explained how she developed such a strong passion for animal rights and taken part in various climate change-related campaign work.

The star – who has published two cookbooks, The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama – shared: ‘I watched the documentary The Witness and took a look at my dog Sampson and thought, “If I’m not willing to eat you, how can I continue to eat these other creatures that have the same desire to live, are just as funny, and have the same reaction to pain as my dogs?”

‘I went vegan for the animals, but the health transformation I experienced and continue to experience was extraordinary. This revolutionized my world at 21 and shaped my life and career tremendously.’

During an appearance at the NDTV-India Animal Fund #FreedomForAll Telethon, she explained her decision further and stated: ‘I turned vegetarian when I was a small kid. But when I was 21, I turned vegan after seeing the horrifying footage of what happens to animals in slaughterhouses. 

‘I made the connection between the food on my plate and the animal that was slaughtered for my meal. For me, it was just one meal, but for the animal it was their life. I’m committed to a vegan lifestyle because animals don’t deserve to be exploited and abused.’

She continued: ‘Then there’s the environment and our own health as well. You can eliminate almost every medication that you’re on with the support of your doctor. 

‘When you start eating this way, when you eat plants and eliminate animal food, it is going to do nothing but make you feel healthier and better, and your most vibrant self.’

Over the years, the PETA spokesmodel has claimed that she used to suffer from a variety of ailments – asthma, allergies, cystic acne and weight gain – all of which were ‘cured’ by eating a plant-based diet. 


The star often shares her thoughts about how to look after the planet in books and social media posts

Silverstone chose to adopt a vegan diet because she believes that ‘our rapidly growing dependence on animals as a food source is one of the greatest threats to the climate’

Silverstone also chose to adopt a vegan diet because she believes that ‘our rapidly growing dependence on animals as a food source is one of the greatest threats to the climate.’

In an op-ed for Newsweek in 2015, the star explained how raising livestock is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gases, requires 2,000 gallons of water per pound of beef and is one of the biggest perpetrators of deforestation. 

The actress also pointed out that while halting climate change is a challenge, it is also an opportunity for improvement.

‘It turns out that just by changing the way we eat, we can hugely improve the environment’s health,’ the actress wrote.

Now at 46, Silverstone has joined a long list of celebrities — including Penélope Cruz, Taraji P. Henson, Eva Mendes and Olivia Munn — who have helped PETA promote humane wardrobe choices.

PETA explained of the campaign: ‘Everyone can choose innovative vegan leathers made from the prickly pear cactus, mushrooms, or apples instead of supporting industries that kill animals for their skin.’

Silverstone also added: ‘The amount of resources, water, food, oil for transport, the amount of energy that goes into making leather is extraordinary. It’s just not sustainable. The Earth can’t handle it.’

Compared with the production of plant-based leathers, that of cow leather has nearly 10 times the negative environmental impact and contributes more to global warming, water pollution, water depletion, and greenhouse gas emissions, a press release from PETA explained.

‘Up to 80% of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has been caused by the destruction of land in order to raise animals, and 130 different chemicals, including cyanide, are used to turn their skin into leather,’ PETA added.

Speaking out against vaccinations and tampons: Silverstone has encouraged her followers to question immunizations

Back in 2014, the actress sparked controversy when she revealed that that she was anti-vaccination

In 2014, the actress sparked furious controversy when she revealed that she was anti-vaccination.

In her book, The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning, Silverstone got candid about her beliefs. 

‘I’m not against Western medicine, ‘ Silverstone began. ‘The problem is we’re using it as a first step for everything, even when it’s not needed.’ 

She continued: ‘While there has not been a conclusive study of the negative effects of such a rigorous one-size-fits-all, shoot-’em-up schedule, there is increasing anecdotal evidence from doctors who have gotten distressed phone calls from parents claiming their child was “never the same” after receiving a vaccine. 

‘And I personally have friends whose babies were drastically affected in this way.’

In the book, the star also claimed that her beloved vegan lifestyle could assist with a host of medical conditions such as lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Elsewhere, she wrote that it would also help with breastfeeding issues, PMS, fertility problems and allergies. 

She then went on to offer advice about the use of tampons, claiming that manufacturers were necessarily being honest about harmful product ingredients.  

‘Unfortunately, feminine-care manufacturers aren’t required to tell you what’s in their products, which means that no one’s talking about the potential pesticide residues from non-organic cotton and the ‘fragrances’ containing hormone-upsetting, fertility-knocking phthalates that are snuggling up to your hoo-ha,’ she explained.

In another part of the book, the actress advocated for the ingestion of your own placenta after birth.

‘Encapsulating the placenta into pills is just one way to go, and your midwife or doula can direct you to someone who will do it for you,’ she wrote. ‘Some women have a small piece of placenta made into a healing tincture, and some go all-in and make a series of post-birth placenta smoothies. It’s different benefits from these various methods, so I say go with whatever feels true to you.’

Advocate for attachment parenting: The film star – who famously fed her child from her mouth – still shares a bed with her 11-year-old son

In 2012, the actress shared a video of herself doing the re-feeding practice with her then 11-month-old child

Experts warned against the method which saw Silverstone chewing on the infant’s food before passing it from her mouth into Bear’s


The Clueless actress shares her son, Bear Blu, with her ex-husband, Christopher Jarecki, and she first raised eyebrows about her parenting methods in 2012.

She shared a video of herself doing the re-feeding practice with her then 11-month-old child, which saw her chewing on the infant’s food before passing it from her mouth into his.  

At the time, the star called the practice ‘adorable’, adding that it ‘makes me laugh.’ She then made it clear that she had no regrets about publicly portraying how she fed Bear after medical practitioners claimed it was unhygienic, and could cause bacteria and viruses to be passed from mother to baby. 

When asked about her actions at an audience Q&A with director Amy Heckerling following a screening of Clueless that same year, Silverstone launched into a lengthy defense of the practice.  

‘People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process,’ she began. ‘Honestly, when I posted the video I was not thinking, so maybe I was like Cher! I think it’s adorable and it makes me laugh every time he does it.’

The actress continued: ‘He attacks my mouth and I think it’s adorable. He also knows how to use his hands and he also eats regular food so when babies are weaning, he still breastfeeds. Some people think that’s disgusting too which is insane.

‘It’s just a thing that has been going on for thousands of years and I didn’t think I was inventing anything but in our culture….’

The star added: ‘Every time my husband goes to the YMCA some guy comes over and says, “That’s how we do it in the south!” Between him getting those great comments and me knowing in my gut it’s natural and lovely, I really wasn’t trying to tell anybody what to do.

‘I wasn’t saying this was anything somebody should do. I wasn’t trying to be independent or cause such a ruckus. I’m very glad that I did it.’

Silverstone used ‘elimination communication’ to potty train her child, the technique uses cues from babies in order to be able to determine when they want to go to the bathroom


When it came time for potty training with her young child, Silverstone took a different approach called elimination communication.

The technique sees parents use cues from their babies in order to be able to determine when they want to go to the bathroom, and holding them over the toilet when they are ready to go.

Speaking to People magazine when Bear was three, Silverstone explained: ‘Just like your baby tells you it needs to eat or it’s tired, they tell you when they need to go to the bathroom.

‘They give you cues, but we’re ignoring those cues,’ she continued. ‘If you pay attention, they actually have a pause button and will give you enough time to get to a place that makes it comfortable for them to go. It’s amazing.’

The actress started the practice when her son was six months old, and while she admitted that he would still use diapers on occasion at night – the actress claimed he had quickly adapted to using the toilet as well. 

‘It’s the most natural, primal thing,’ she stressed. ‘That all aside, when I got into it, I was so excited because it was another way to communicate. The joy he experienced in being heard and the teamwork, it was amazing.’

The star also highlighted how the practice is beneficial to the planet as well as she added: ‘You save tons of money on diapers, tons of time because it’s not as messy and you’re also helping the earth!’

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Silverstone revealed that she was still taking baths with her then nine-year-old son in quarantine


In June 2020, Silverstone revealed that she was still taking baths with her then nine-year-old son in quarantine.

The actress was detailing her self-isolation routine with The New York Times when she revealed she bathed with her child.

‘My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath and that really feels nourishing and comforting,’ she said.

The star also said she and her tot had been doing other activities together, including dancing, bouncing on the trampoline and jumping rope. 

In the piece, the star admitted that she takes pride in the reputation she has developed for being outspoken and going against the grain. 

‘People said lots of different things, and I was sort of “the freak,” and I guess I’ll take pride in that because it is hard to be the person that’s speaking out, and it is hard to be the person that is saying the thing that isn’t what everybody else wants to hear,’ she explained.

Earlier this year, the actress claimed that she is simply ‘following nature’ by sleeping alongside her tween son


Silverstone has always been vocal about her beliefs when it comes to how a child sleeps in the family home.  

In her 2014 book, The Kind Mama, the Clueless alum controversially compared letting her baby sleep in a crib to ‘child neglect.’

So it came as no surprise in 2020 when the star revealed that her and Bear often woke up, and ‘snuggle for two or three hours’ before she would bathe alongside him.

In July 2022, she spoke further about the topic on The Ellen Fisher Podcast and claimed that she is simply ‘following nature’ by sleeping alongside her tween son.

‘Bear and I still sleep together,’ the actress explained during the July 19 episode, comparing her co-sleeping arrangement to humans trying to survive in any kind of ‘wild setting.’

‘If you were in any kind of wild setting where there are wild animals, if you put you baby over there your baby is going to get eaten,’ she said while pointing away from herself. ‘So it’s not ideal for the baby to be over there.’

Silverstone then joked that she would ‘be in trouble’ with mom-shamers, but added that at this point in her life ‘I don’t really care.’

She proceeded to sum up her style of parenting by calling herself ‘a natural mama’ and ‘a loving mama,’ focusing on gentle communication and cutting out things like TV from the family home.

‘I believe in love, I believe in nature and our society is scared of nature and scared of love,’ she said in response to any criticism.

‘The things I’m doing I’m not inventing, I didn’t invent any of it. I would love to take credit for all of it but it’s not me unfortunately, it’s just me following nature.’

‘I’m just wanted to do what was healthiest for him at every turn so every choice I make is either built on instinct or deep research.’

Many experts have disagreed, with parenting expert and psychologist Reena B. Patel noting that a prolonged attachment parenting style can also cause ‘boundary issues.’

Furthermore, the parenting expert even said the overly attached parenting techniques can impact Silverstone’s love life by not allowing her enough ‘alone time.’

Raising her child as a vegan: Actress claims the diet has helped to boost Bear’s immunity and helped him to be a ‘calm boy’

As a result of her animal right activism, Bear been on a vegan diet throughout his life

The actress has since claimed that her 11-year-old son has only been sick ‘twice’ in his life and has had no need for antibiotics thanks to veganism

As a result of her animal right activism, her son, Bear, been placed on a vegan diet by his mother throughout his life.

The actress has since claimed that her 11-year-old son has only been sick ‘twice’ in his life, and has had no need for antibiotics due to the strict diet.

She told Entertainment Tonight in 2020: ‘He’s such an example of health. This is a child who is plant-based.

‘To never have needed antibiotics in nine years and to never have needed any kind of medical intervention… Most kids have so many ear infections, they’re taking medicine all the time.’

The actress continued: ‘I’m not saying I wouldn’t give it to him… I’m saying he doesn’t need it. This is a kid who’s been [sick] twice in his life. Twice. For, like, a few hours.

‘He said, “Mommy I don’t feel good. I’m going to lay down.” In his whole life, twice. He can get a snot nose, but he’s still climbing trees.’

The Hollywood star added: ‘He’s just so healthy. I just want to share that with the world. So people can see that a plant-based baby is really healthy… It’s not like they’re just doing OK. They can do better.’

While the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has deemed a plant-based diet safe for children, it is not medically proven to be able to boost immunity.

In fact, some pediatricians have highlighted concerns that the vegan diet can lead to nutritional inadequacy if children are not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals needed for growth.

In the same year, the actress claimed she never has to discipline her ‘calm boy’, Bear, because he doesn’t misbehave due to his vegan diet.

‘He’s got more energy than anything, and I always laugh, “Oh my poor vegan baby. He’s so weak,” because he’s jumping all over the place and he’s so wild,”‘ she revealed at a SHE Media’s #BlogHer20 Health event.

‘But there’s a calmness to him, a centered-ness that he’s not off the charts. I don’t have to yell or scream or, like, discipline. None of that is necessary. All I have to do is say, “Oh, Bear, no thank you,” and he goes, “Okay, mom.” He’s got it. We just can talk like that because he’s not feeling crazy.’

Silverstone continued: ‘When [kids] feel bad, when they eat unhealthy food and they don’t feel good, then they don’t act good. Same as us.

‘For everyone’s sake, eating well is the best way to have smooth, balanced, good, healthy relationships, and not to mention warding off heart disease and cancer and diabetes and all these things that are ailing people especially in the time of the [corona] virus.’

The actress shares joint custody of Bear with musician Christopher Jarecki, whom she will pay $12K per month in spousal support to until 2024 as part of their 2018 divorce agreement, according to The Blast.

One thing’s for sure, the actress isn’t going to stop sharing her views with the world anytime soon.

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