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Amanda Holden channels Beyoncé with extra-long hair makeover for TikTok-viral video

Jan 17, 2022

There are few people who could successfully re-enact Celine Dion’s track It’s All Coming Back to Me Now with as much gusto as the iconic Canadian singer, but Amanda Holden has made a very convincing effort.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge delighted fans over the weekend with her take on a viral TikTok trend which sees app users lip sync to the early noughties hit, complete with wind machines and glam fashion and beauty looks.

Despite clearly channelling Celine with the song, Amanda’s followers spot her similarity to pop icon Beyoncé. With tumbling honey-blonde tresses, a Single Ladies style of black bodysuit and some thigh-high boots, Amanda certainly does give off a Bey-like look.

“My version of garage music, just an average Saturday. (Chrispy on garage door remote and@christianvermaakon glam and wind.) Big thanks to our neighbours. Dyson is a model's own,” she captions the video.

Amanda’s usual mid-length blonde hair does indeed look incredibly different from usual, and has likely been made longer with the help of clip-in extensions. She also name checks Dyson in the caption, which probably means she was able to get her bouncy mane thanks to the trending tool.

“Beyoncé wishes!!! Let’s start a girl band sister!!” comments back Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts.

“One for the archive. Totally Beyoncéd it with your boots,” another says.

“The mic IS in the Dyson,” points out another eagle-eyed fan, while a third asks what everyone is thinking: “How does she look so amazing? I want to know her diet, what moisturiser she uses! What’s the secret!”

Amanda doesn’t give too much detail into her skincare regime on Instagram, but we do know that she’s a fan of anti-wrinkle treatment Morpheus8 – also apparently loved by Kim Kardashian.

The 50 year old presenter previously thanked her facialistNilam Holmes, founder of Milton Keynes’Derma Spa clinic, for introducing her to the treatment.

“The other week before filming started on the BGT live shows, Nilam suggested I try a new natural treatment called Morpheus8! The results have been absolutely amazing. I’ve noticed a real plumpness to my skin and it’s much tighter,” she wrote on Instagram in 2020.

Since BGT is back at some point this year after being postponed in 2021 due to COVID, we bet Amanda is also busy prepping her skin for the shows.

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