• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Babestation star exposes cop who wore leash and ate from dog bowl in racy call

Aug 17, 2022

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A barking mad British cop wanted to be treated like a dog after he paid a Babestation dominatrix hundreds of pounds to be his owner.

The policeman lived out his wildest fantasy with OnlyFans babe Chloe Gray.

She joined Babestation last year after once being homeless and 10p in the red.

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Chloe, 27, now drives a brand new Range Rover and dominates powerful men for a living.

And speaking with the Daily Star, the brunette beauty said: “I’ve done a lot of what they call puppy training and I get lawyers, bankers, footballers and police officers.

“I had one policeman who wanted to be my puppy basically and I had to make him eat food from a dog bowl and have him walk around on a leash.

“It’s mad isn’t it? I don’t know what his rank was but he said he was a police officer. I think he spent roughly £700.”

And the Dorset based babe added: “I’ve also had a sub whose parents were quite high up in politics.

“But I don’t know if I can say who because I don’t want to get sued.”

Last week Chloe also opened up about how an Arsenal player paid her £1,000 to wear a wig, lipstick and sexy lingerie.

And her kinky way of paying her bills has made her a target for keyboard critics.

She explained: “I’ve been doing for for so many years now and it’s become more of a hobby than a job.

“But I have been trolled and they are all men. All the women stick up for me and I find it funny that all the trolls are blokes who have probably sat there and knocked one out.

“If anything it makes me feel empowered. The first time I was trolled it hit me quite hard and you think ‘what am I doing wrong’?

“But I’m not doing anything wrong and I am providing a service and if somebody wants to pay me for that service then it’s between two consenting adults and there is nothing wrong with that.

“I find it more empowering now because they are obsessed with me whether it’s good or bad.”

Chloe is now earning life-changing money by dominating slaves.

And it is a long way from 10 years ago when she was sleeping rough in her battered Peugeot.

Reflecting on the year she spent homeless, she previously said: “I remember continuously being down the council every morning begging them for help, bearing in mind I was underage and just always being turned away.

“I had a for sale sign in my first ever car, I couldn’t afford to run it and I had nowhere to live. I had minus 10p in my bank. I had nothing and I was homeless for a good year.

“I remember sleeping in the back of the car, it was freezing cold, no heating, no food. I thought I just didn't know what more I could do.”

And she has now revealed that earning money comes as easily as selling her bathwater for £5,000.

She said: “It was a few years ago now and I can’t remember what I spent it on, just life I think.

“It would have been used for holidays and things like that. I’ve had no plastic surgery so I don’t spend my money on those things.”


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