A hairless opossum has knitwear sent to her in the post by kind strangers so she can keep warm.

The animal wouldn’t have survived long in the wild due to her alopecia and inability to keep herself warm.

She was a baby of just a few months old when she was found in a Texas car park.

She was taken to the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where staff left an appeal for opossum-sized winter clothing on their Facebook page in late October.

The post read: ‘This is the first for us at the Wildlife Center.

‘This 3-4 month old hairless opossum was found in SW Lubbock. She would never survive in the wild.

‘This opossum is going to need a winter wardrobe.’

The post got over 800 shares and soon the opossum was the subject of national news stories.

Before long, her winter wardrobe started to grow, with people sending her knitted jumpers in the post.

Their Facebook stipulates that, while they ‘don’t make a habit of dressing up wildlife’, this little critter needs a sweater collection to keep her warm during winter months.

According to a post on 30 October, in which she was filmed wearing a very festive jumper with pumpkins on, ‘She is still shy of people and traumatized from being separated or abandoned by her family.’

Another post on the Wildlife Center’s Facebook reads: ‘Our celebrity has almost doubled her weight.

‘Her favorite foods are crickets and applesauce.’

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