WE round up some of the best kitchen scissors you can buy right now that will help you tackle tasks like trimming herbs and spatchcocking a chicken.

They're well worth the investment if you cook a lot and we explain what to look for

Kitchen scissors and everyday scissors are often interchangeable in the home, but there are some tasks that the former can do a lot better and more efficiently.

It all comes down to design.

Kitchen scissors generally have shorter blades, which means they can exert more force when in use.

This is especially handy when you’re spatchcocking a chicken, and you have to cut through the backbone, or if you’re trimming through fish fins.

Another design feature found on the best kitchen scissors is that they can be taken apart via the screw in the middle.

It means you can clean the scissors easily after a messy task and they will also stay hygienic for use on food.

The blades on kitchen scissors are sharper than general household scissors too, and they can be sharpened when needed.

You may also find other handy design features, such as an integrated nutcracker or bottle opener.

Finally, the handles tend to be bigger and more comfortable, so you can apply more pressure when in use.

You can use your kitchen scissors for everyday household tasks too – just bear in mind that they might become blunt more quickly and they will need to be thoroughly cleaned before being used on food.

Best kitchen scissors to buy now

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular kitchen scissors you can buy right now.

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