Billionaire Richard Branson owns not one, but two private islands, and now, the billionaire is poised to ensure that both are completely open to the public. His first location, called Necker Island, has been host to some of the world’s most elite guests such as Princess Diana, and The Obama family. 2021 will see the opening of his second location, Moskito Island, and anyone who is interested will soon be able to spend some time there… if they can afford it, of course. Moskito Island is family-friendly and is located just 2 miles away from Necker Island, which is strictly for adults. For elite guests that are looking for an incredibly exclusive experience, Virgin Limited Edition reports that this is going to be the place to be, but they will have to shell out anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000 a night, to enjoy this lavish experience.

When the rich and famous select a vacation spot, exclusivity and privacy are absolute must-haves, and Richard Branson’s Moskito island offers both in abundance. This slice of paradise spans over an enormous 125 acres of land on the British Virgin Islands and offers a one-of-a-kind experience full of luxurious amenities.

Guests to this incredibly private island are welcome to enjoy the white sandy beaches and are able to select from a series of private estates and villas. Richard Branson’s personal villa is also available and is the most expensive property on the island. This immaculate estate boasts 11 massive bedrooms with stunning views, and it is available for exclusive reservation.

In addition to its pristine white beaches, this private island boasts a recreation area and exclusive attendants that offer 5-star personal services to guests.

The Headland House is one of the most unique properties on the island. This property boasts a wrap-around infinity pool on the ground floor, with a design that will absolutely take your breath away. The rooms on this level provide exits that lead directly to the pool, creating the experience of a lifetime. Guests can truly step out of bed and into the pool.

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Catering to the most elite clientele, Moskito Island is a secluded space in which guests are able to relax and enjoy their time away from the chaos of their Hollywood lifestyles. There are as many activities available on the island as there are opportunities for sheer relaxation and selfish indulgence.

Staff is on-hand at all times to customize meals, assist with social gatherings, of course, they are readily available to tend to the needs of the high-end guests that can afford to spend time there. Richard Branson’s Moskito Island is poised to be the most sought-after getaway for the rich and famous and is set to open for reservations in time for Thanksgiving.

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