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Candance Owens Allegedly Leaked Kim Kardashians Old Recording Audio Calling Whitney Houston An "Old Hag"

Oct 14, 2022

American television personality and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian for the most part has been viewed to be a positive influencer in today’s society. She’s had numerous controversial relationships over the past decade. Most recently being Kanye West who’s her ex-husband and fathers her four children.

A jaw dropping audio recording released by Candace Owens on episode 10 of her podcast. Kim Kardashian left a voicemail allegedly ripping into her ex-boyfriend Ray J, in which the popular star can be heard trash-talking late singer Whitney Houston. She’s calling Whitney a crackhead and she’s yelling at Ray J during this clip.

“Some tapes are making the rounds… where it’s not the sweet little Kim K that she portrays today. She’s nasty,” Owens said. The 33-year-old political commentator punctuated her statement by exclaiming, “It is the opposite version of the Kim Kardashian that your kids have been following,” before pressing play on the audio.

In the 2010 audio, Kim can allegedly be heard leaving a message for her former partner Ray J. “Ray, it’s Kim,” the voicemail begins. “I just want you to know that I think you are so disgusting and desperate.”

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The voice that allegedly belongs to Kim then has a go at Whitney, referencing her infamous “crack is whack” comment. “I think you’re honestly a sick human being,” the voicemail continues. “Honestly like go have fun with old hag Whitney Houston. Crack is definitely not whack with you guys.”

It wasn’t done there. “You guys are just disgusting and sick. I just don’t understand it. She’s so old, she’s sick, and you are just sick and desperate,” the voice adds. “Leave me the f— alone and stop f—ing calling me! I f—ing hate you!”

Ray J and Whitney became close friends in the last years of her life, with rumors spreading that the pair were in a romantic relationship. The former always denied this, though, insisting the pair were just friends. Upon the iconic singer’s death in 2012, Ray J’s sister Brandy described her brother as being “distraught.”

Ray J made people worried recently with some alarming social media messages. As per TMZ, fans briefly saw a video on his Instagram appearing to show him sitting high above the ground on a ledge. “If it wasn’t 4 my Kidz I would jump off and die tonight,” one caption read.

As per PopCrush, controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens – recently spotted with Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week – played the voicemail on her podcast earlier this week. It just supposedly “landed on her lap.”

Candace Owens showed a voicemail that Kim Kardashian allegedly left for her ex-boyfriend Ray J in which she said bad things about him and Whitney Houston, who died in 2012. In the voicemail, she’s allegedly heard telling Ray J he is “disgusting” and calling Houston an “old hag.”

In the voicemail, the woman who is thought to be Kardashian can be heard telling Ray J. That she hates him and that he should never call her again. Owens also said that she was told Kardashian left that voicemail. Because she was upset that Ray J was more famous than her.

Owens also said that she wouldn’t mind having Ray J, who has also revealed secrets about the Kardashians, on her show.

“And I think that they have left a lot of victims in their wake—Ray J included—he’s rightfully angry and I want to keep covering that because a family like this should be exposed.”

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