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Cardi B Shares Videos of Kulture and Newborn Son's Morning Routine

Jan 4, 2022

The 29-year-old rapper seems to have her hands full when it comes to starting her day with the kids.

On Tuesday January 4, Cardi B allowed fans a glimpse into her life as a mother by sharing her morning routine with her 3-year-old daughter Kulture and her 4-month old son.

The rapper documented her routine in a series of Instagram stories as she started the day by making a bottle for her newborn at around 6 AM in the morning.

She captioned a boomerang shot of her shaking a bottle, “Just finished feeding him and putting him back to sleep. I’ll be preparing another bottle for when he wakes up in a few again.”

At around 8 AM, Cardi shared a short flick of her feeding her newborn who remained off camera, and wrote in another slide “Now he’s awake and full energy while I have NONE… feed, burped, changed,” and joked that she knew exactly when “his morning poop” would be coming, “I know him too well.”

The former reality star then quickly transitioned into a video of Kulture brushing her teeth while sitting on the bathroom counter as Cardi balanced the phone in one hand and held her son at her hip.

She also took the time to explain that their current morning schedule wasn’t typical and that Kulture would normally be attending school if it wasn’t for their current location in Georgia.

“This is not Kulture’s normal schedule. She usually goes to school in the morning, but we’re in Georgia right now so it’s a little different.”

The mom of two then signed off of Instagram as she said it “gets busy quick” and most of her tasks often require “both of my hands.”

Cardi gave birth to her son In September 2021 and shared with her followers that she had been embracing her curves and confidence post birth.

Some have apparently even speculated the “WAP” rapper might have gone under the knife which the rapper insists didn’t happen. At the time she talked about the backhanded compliments she’d been getting, with people telling her, “You so snatched,” and then immediately asking, “What do you do? You did lipo? You had a tummy tuck?”

Cardi explained, she couldn’t have rushed off and done any of that that even if she’d wanted to. “You cannot do surgery after you give birth,” she said. “Especially me, I lost so much blood, guys.”

The fashionista did not go into any more details about this, instead promising that “one day” she would tell her followers “about my crazy ass delivery.”

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