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Chrissy Teigen Dishes on Her Family, From Who Snores the Loudest to Who's Most Likely to Be a Meme

Jul 16, 2019

If there’s one family we would all collectively agree that we’d like to casually join and spend 80 percent of our time with, it’s the Teigen/Stephens clan. From their insanely cute family vacation pics to hilarious at-home videos, most of the world (and Chrissy Teigen’s 36 million followers) can’t get enough of this fam.

So when we sat down with Teigen during this year’s POPSUGAR Play/Ground, we had her play a little game of Who’s Most Likely: Family Edition — where we asked a series of family-related questions and she had to answer who’s most likely: John, Luna, Miles, or Chrissy. She dished on everything from the person most likely to be turned into a meme . . .

. . . to the family member that snores the loudest.

Naturally, it’ll make you fall even more in love with the hilarious fam. Check out the full video above to watch it all go down!

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