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Couple give wedding guests a 'kissing menu' if they want to see a smooch

Jul 6, 2019

One of the highlights of being there for someone’s wedding day is getting to see the happy couple kiss.

And the cake, of course.

But would you do a series of tasks to get the couple to smooch again for your entertainment?

One bride and groom think you should, apparently.

A post on a wedding shaming Facebook group shared the ‘kissing menu’ one couple handed out to guests, detailing what guests needed to do in order to watch the bride and groom kiss.

The menu read: ‘If you want to see the newlyweds kiss… a clink of the glass won’t cut it!

‘We’re going to make you work for this!

‘We have a list from which you can choose, for which you may need a little more booze!

‘The better the performance, the better the kiss!’

We can actually understand where the couple are coming from. It must be exhausting being asked to kiss again and again for every relative that comes your way.

But whether guests are bothered enough to do the challenges required is another thing. We’d probably give up the moment we were presented with the list.

The kissing tasks guests can choose from include answering newlywed trivia, providing an ‘exquisite example’ of a kiss for the couple to copy, providing advice for a long and happy marriage, and flipping a coin – if you get heads, the bride and groom will kiss, tails, you have to kiss another guest.

That last option could be quite handy if you’re single and looking to mingle, come to think of it.

As you’d probably expect, members of a wedding shaming group weren’t particularly positive about the concept of a kissing menu, calling it ‘gross’ and ‘cringe-worthy’.

One person, who had experienced a similar menu at another wedding, wrote: ‘Spoiler alert: no-one wants to see you kiss that bad.

‘Entire night went by without anyone using these cringe-worthy alternatives.’

They shared a menu they saw at a wedding, which included the option of getting your table-neighbours to sing a love song just to get a couple to smooch.

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