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Dominated by females: Royals outlive general population significantly – extraordinary

Jan 4, 2022

Prince Philip: Commentator on ‘precious’ time with the Queen

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The Royal Family has a long history of living to a great old age. For example the Queen Mother lived to be 101, and Queen Elizabeth’s aunt Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester reached age 102 before she died in 2004. A new report by Bayes Business School and the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC) has analysed the dynasty led by Queen Elizabeth II and compared it with that of the general population.

The research found that the Royal Family lives longer than the general public.

Next month in February the Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year as monarch will begin.

The ‘Tale of two dynasties’ report by the ILC is exploring the impact the dynasty of the Royal Family has had on its longevity.

Their research found that the royals outlive the general population by 26 percent.

For every 100-year-old royal, the average person could expect to live to 74 years according to the research.

However, this gap has been closing over the past years in line with general improvements to life expectancy.

This now stands at just over 81 years in the UK.

The Queen, 95, is the third Windsor to exceed age 95.

Prince Philip who died at 99, and the Queen Mother who died at 101 are the other two.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s maternal grandparents died in their late 80s.

Only 0.15 percent of the UK population are older than the Queen (approximately 100,000 people).

For around 85 percent of the UK population, she is the only Head of State they have ever known.

Around six million people alive today may have memories of the coronation, whether as direct spectators or having seen it broadcast live on television or in cinemas.

Report author Professor Les Mayhew believes the period of world history the Queen has lived through, as well as influenced, is unlikely to be repeated by future monarchs.

Professor Mayhew said: “The Royal Family have been hugely influential for more than a millennium.

“This dynasty, originally established by males, has been dominated by females who lived for much longer than any male before them.

“It is incredible that only 0.15 percent of the British population are older than the Queen, whose reign has spanned over an extraordinary period of history and change.

“While we see that members of the Royal Family have significantly outlived the general population over the past decades, it seems to be about more than power and privilege.

“The length of the dynasty matters.

“That Her Majesty The Queen has lived for so long is hugely significant in the influence she has had and is continuing to have on British society.”

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