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Dr Pimple Popper cuts out giant cyst that looks like a whole garlic bulb

Jul 20, 2021

Dr Pimple Popper has shared another gruesome yet addictive video of herself performing surgery on a patient with a whopper of a cyst.

In the clip, uploaded to her official @drpimplepopperTikTok account, the TV personality and dermatologist, whose real name is Sandra Lee MD, shows herself slicing into a smooth lump.

The growth does look very big at first, but it turns out appearances can be deceiving.

After cutting a hole big enough to extract the cyst, Dr Lee tugs at it through the wound and starts to pull it out.

The cyst then emerges from the hole and looks to be at least a couple of inches in diameter.

"You've got to get that garlic," Dr Lee joked in the caption.

The footage was watched nearly 1 million times within a few hours of the medic uploading it on the video-sharing app on Tuesday (July 20).

People joked about what the cyst looked most resembled, with some agreeing it looked like a garlic bulb while others suggested a testicle or an eyeball.

One commented: "I really wanna see it cut open to reveal the inside."

A second wrote: "Wow! Looks like a garlic bulb."

"Who put that onion there," asked a third user.

Someone else said: "That's a whole testicle."

"I thought that was an eyeball," another person commented.

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper was filmed scooping a mammoth 30-year-old cyst out of a man's arm with a spoon.

As the grim extraction took place, Dr Lee’s assistant shared: "It kind of looked like crème brûlée when you were scooping it out with a spoon."

Meanwhile, viewers were left feeling a bit faint when an endless torrent of grey fluid came oozing out of a cyst Dr Lee popped in her clinic.

The doctor said it was a build-up of dead skin cells, not pus, but it did smell bad.

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