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Drunk woman takes home magpie after night out and it climbs into bed with her

Oct 26, 2021

Everyone has a boozy story from a night out – whether that be spewing up in the club toilets or perhaps getting into a dance battle with a stranger.

Those drunk filled embarrassing moments would rather be forgotten.

But one woman's antics were caught on camera – and footage from the night out has since gone viral.

Macy Carrothers was out on the town with her boyfriend and mate Annie, when she came across a bird before she was due to go home.

Instead of taking home a kebab or a traffic cone, the young woman opted to bring home the magpie as a souvenir from her big night out.

Taking to TikTok under the username @annieevans, Annie caught her distraught mate in floods of tears.

Annie captioned the post: "Can't take her anywhere."

In the clip, Macy hysterically cries at the thought of leaving the magpie behind and cradles it like a baby.

Her boyfriend can be seen trying to attempt to console her and convince her to come home, leaving the bird behind.

But the reveller was having none of it.

Struck with emotion in her drunken state, Macy could not leave the bird behind.

Hilariously, Macy would not go home without the bird and demanded it traveled home with the pair.

In another clip, a random couple intervened.

They posted a Snapchat story that read: “Most cracked thing just had to drop some randoms home cause his girlfriend wouldn’t let go of a bird and was hysterically crying so we had to take the bird in the car.”

Luckily, the trio made it home safe.

By the end of the clip, the magpie was making itself at home as it perched itself on Macy’s bed.

Since being posted yesterday, the video has now racked up 638,000 views and 90,000 likes.

People fled to the comments to share their thoughts on Macy’s bird rescuing operation.

One person commented: “The fact it’s not trying to murder her? That’s her friend. That’s her home. 4lifers.”

Another user added: “She’s obviously trying to help it because it can’t fly otherwise it wouldn’t just be on her arm. I would do the same thing sis.”

A third person noted: “This is literally the funniest thing ever.”

Someone else related to the clip, admitting: “Don’t feel bad I caught a goose once after the bar and made my Uber take me home with it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person stated: “Magpies are terrifying. The drunk girl is the bravest person I’ve ever seen.”

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